1. Ritish Katyal's Avatar
    Yeah so I have the w10m build 10512 installed on my lumia 535 and everything was working fine except I put my phone on charge a few minutes back and then had to reboot it because the phone screen turned black(it usually does in w10m) and now I'm getting this blue screen where it's telling me to use the Bitlocker recovery key to recover the drive via USB. I have no idea what has this got to do with anything on my phone. Plus it's not recognizing my phone on Windows phone recovery tool except as a device w/ uefi when I click 'my device not detected' for which it starts downloading a software for me when I already have one downloaded. Please help?

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    08-18-2015 02:23 PM
  2. David_da_Silva's Avatar
    I had the same issue with a Lumia 520. Was on Instagram and it just rebooted... when it turned on, got the blue screen with the Bitlocker message and can't do anything. Just had to buy a new phone! Still searching for a solution!
    09-24-2015 10:40 AM

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