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    So after legally obtaining an .apk and getting permission from the developer to use it, you may have run into a problem where it says the app needs an internet connection, despite the fact that you may have one. Well, I don't know why this works, but I figured out a short trick.

    1) Turn off developer mode and go to the "normal setting" (the trick doesn't work for me if I keep it in developer mode)
    2) restart your phone
    3) if your phone isn't in developer mode when it turns on, turn it on.

    That should work. I've got that to work after totally legally obtaining apps from legit sources. It seems to completely restart Astoria too, since using the app says it's "setting things up", which doesn't normally happen. Don't ask me about apps you haven't legally obtained, because I obviously know nothing about that. Carry on.
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