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    To test the water, I tried installing W10 on my Lumia 635.

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. It felt flawless, everything was smooth and left little to be desired. Bit peeved that the feature I want to play with the most (Skype integrated messenger) still isn't here, but it felt like something I could use as a daily driver.

    So I did... and the amount of things that went wrong was baffling.

    Build 10512. My messages don't sync and I have no control over it either. The settings menu that pertains to messaging is simply and absolutely busted. Tried accessing it from settings and nothing... selecting settings from within the messenger just causes it to crash. My device has also picked up an incredibly annoying habit where - upon boot I'll be watching 10+ minutes of "Loading... Loading... Loading..." before I can see my start screen (this also gets triggered if I change anything within personalization). My 640's also acting as if it's low on memory all the time. Lock screen takes about 3-4 seconds to display time and I can't unlock it before then, and after I finally do get a visual on my start screen, scrolling through it's contents must be done very slowly or it'll take it's sweet time loading all my tiles.

    Project My Screen/Screen Sharing seems to have been stripped out completely. I have a HD-10, and tapping the NFC plate to trigger the wireless display options just crashes my device. That much I believe is just due to it being a beta, but the rest of this isn't happening on my (weaker) 635, so why on my 640?
    09-01-2015 05:02 AM

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