1. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    I just installed the Windows Insider app on my Lumia so that I can get the Windows 10 mobile preview. But when I selected Insider Fast my phone just got one update i.e insider fast configuration update and no windows 10 mobile update.
    Is there any solution so that I can get the previews ?
    09-08-2015 03:56 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Try selecting Insider Fast again. and check for more updates too. You should be good to go...
    09-08-2015 08:40 AM
  3. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    I tried atleast 4 to 5 times but nothing happened. Still the same problem. When I click check for updates it says up to date.
    09-08-2015 10:23 AM
  4. signal-2-noise's Avatar
    Not sure if this will apply to you but here's what I had to do with my Lumia 930 running 8.1:
    1. Installed Windows Insider App
    2. Selected Fast and after a loooong update got Build 10166
    3. Installed Windows Insider App again
    4. Selected Fast and after another long update got Build 10512 (no more updates after that)
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    09-08-2015 01:41 PM
  5. shoaib muhammad's Avatar
    After 10166
    My Store Is Not Opening
    When Ever I Try To Download Insider My Store Goes Off :(
    09-09-2015 12:32 AM
  6. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Hi Sarthak, what model phone do you have?
    09-09-2015 12:52 AM
  7. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    I have Lumia 530.
    09-09-2015 03:22 AM
  8. charlatan1978's Avatar
    It does mention on the following link that 'some phones, regions and mobile operators might not support Insider Preview.'
    Perhaps your region or mobile operator isn't supported? As the Lumia 530 is on the list.
    Supported phones for Windows Insider Preview - Microsoft Windows
    09-09-2015 04:14 AM
  9. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    So which are the region supporting insider app ?
    09-09-2015 05:14 AM
  10. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    Please tell me. Which regions are supporting Insider preview ?
    09-09-2015 10:34 AM
  11. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Well start with what region and mobile operator you are with.
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    09-09-2015 10:41 AM
  12. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    I am from India and with mobile operator is Airtel.
    09-10-2015 03:20 AM
  13. charlatan1978's Avatar
    If you go back into the Windows Insider app, is fast ring still selected?
    09-10-2015 04:40 AM
  14. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    No. I have to select fast ring every time I launch Insider.
    09-10-2015 06:13 AM
  15. charlatan1978's Avatar
    You shouldn't have to select it every time you open the Insider app.
    It should just say 'welcome' and give you the option to 'Get preview builds'.
    09-10-2015 07:09 AM
  16. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    No. Its always ask for slow ring and fast ring.
    09-10-2015 07:25 AM
  17. charlatan1978's Avatar
    And you are definitely signed up for the Windows Insider programme?
    09-10-2015 07:43 AM
  18. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    Omg. Yessss. I signed up for Insider. That is why I see these option "sign in with different account" and "Leave programme".
    09-10-2015 11:53 AM
  19. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    Help me dude.
    09-11-2015 03:53 AM
  20. ads13's Avatar
    Win 10 is the new definition of errors, crashes & bugs...
    09-11-2015 03:58 AM
  21. charlatan1978's Avatar
    Well once fast ring has been selected, you shouldn't have to keep selecting it every time you open the app.
    Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.
    09-11-2015 04:23 AM
  22. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    Ok. Lets try this.
    09-11-2015 06:28 AM
  23. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    Nothing happened. Still the same problem.
    09-11-2015 07:02 AM
  24. charlatan1978's Avatar
    A new build is due to be released sometime today.
    So it may be worth selecting fast ring and then checking for updates after this has been announced.
    Also how do you find WP8.1 on your device and is it your main phone?
    The reason I ask is that W10 mobile is still a preview and has lots of bugs.
    09-11-2015 07:10 AM
  25. SarthakDagger's Avatar
    Yes. Its my main phone.
    09-11-2015 11:09 AM

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