1. manus31's Avatar
    Ive just went through the hours of updating to get to build 10536 from 10512.Everything seems to be working fine,but one big problem.My messaging is gone.I cannot see or recieve sms.I dont know what the problem is or if its a known bug.I will prob have to try hard reset again later if i cant find a solution.Ive already clean installed,no backup.

    Any advice ?
    09-15-2015 06:18 AM
  2. Tony Clegg's Avatar
    I had a similar issue to the previous build. Quite rightly, the hard reset will resolve and is recommended, particularly if users experience any missing apps, slow response times etc. Please post back and let others know about any further issues with the new build.
    09-15-2015 06:31 AM
  3. manus31's Avatar
    Seems to be a issue alright. I got it back here:

    Last edited by manus31; 09-15-2015 at 05:43 PM.
    09-15-2015 07:17 AM

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