1. harshdeep gupta's Avatar
    Hey anyone had downloaded build 10536 on lumia 520...everyone was talking about high end phones
    ...how its performance. Pls suggest ,should i download it on my lumia 520.
    09-16-2015 09:53 AM
  2. beachedwhale42's Avatar
    Pulled my spare 520 out of the drawer, updated it to 10536.1004 and did a hard reset. Unusable at first, while it downloaded 40 app updates (to be expected). In playing around with it, it seems to be slower than it was with 8.1. I'd hold off for now. Still seems a bit buggy at times, and I've even seen where the phone wouldn't want to rotate (reboot fixed it though), or some things won't let me swipe to type. I also much prefer HERE Drive+ to Maps for navigation. I was trying to use this as a test bed to see if I should put 10 on my 920, and I'm thinking I'm going to wait (or simply not, and just upgrade to a 640 or 950, but after things are fixed). Remember, the 520 was the $100 smartphone from three years ago.
    09-19-2015 08:50 AM
  3. tut1234's Avatar
    I have been using 10536 on my 520 as my daily driver. Its OK. I updated from 8.1 to 10536, it can be slow some times. I was at a party and had problems getting the camera to start, bummer. As the previous poster mentioned, after the updated, it will update a bunch of apps. You need to give the phone time to get stable. Good luck.
    There is another build coming, maybe Tuesday. Hope its better.

    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
    09-19-2015 01:02 PM
  4. tut1234's Avatar
    Just to let you know, I went back to 8.1 tonighton my 520. Two times I could not get the phone to make a call. I selected phone tile and then went into the app menu and picked phone. No go. This is my daily driver and I need to be able to contact family. Each time I had to reboot. I noticed the updated outlook app is taking up more memory, I had about 300MB left. Also, since I went back, windows insider app will not load. Says it's not for my phone, so I may be out of this. :-( Wonder if anyone else has seen this, not being able to get back into the windows insider program?
    09-23-2015 05:53 PM
  5. harshdeep gupta's Avatar
    I will wait for some more time to download windows 10 on my lumia 520
    09-23-2015 11:52 PM

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