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    I have a solution to my problem, thought I'd post it here for reference and to maybe help others.

    I had an issue on a previous build of Windows 10 mobile (maybe 10166?) that I thought was related to that build but after installing 10536 the problem still occurred. The issue was that when in my truck (2013 Ford F150) and streaming music from the Groove catalog (from the cloud, not on the phone) over Bluetooth it would skip quite a bit. It would jump about a 1/2 second ahead at random intervals. Frustrating and annoying.

    It occurred to me that the Sync system might have an update available. I checked and it did. Installed it last night and tested the music streaming and it played great - no skipping. So, if you're having issues streaming over Bluetooth, see if your system needs an update. It did the trick for me.
    09-17-2015 12:09 PM

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