1. kwill's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? In the Photos app if I go to just "Collections" I see all of the most recent photos that I've taken from my Camera Roll. But, if I just go to the "Camera Roll folder then it only shows me pictures from May of this year. The crazy part is that I can see the images in the preview of the Camera Roll in the Folders view and when the folder first loads. Then they just disappear when the folder is finished loading.
    09-23-2015 10:16 AM
  2. kwill's Avatar
    Has anyone else experienced this problem? I can't be the only one. Even a "no, that's not happening to me" would be fine. : )
    09-25-2015 09:57 AM
  3. Teo Bartulovic's Avatar
    No such problems on my 930 but it still doesn't mean you are the only one :D
    09-25-2015 10:00 AM
  4. Rose640's Avatar
    After the last update everything seems to be fine, in my case at least.
    09-25-2015 10:08 AM
  5. andyqkw's Avatar
    For me, Rich Edit is missing after deleting the Lumia Camera app and most pictures will shows up as unfinished render with one side grey out in other apps like WhatsApp and Viber while it shows up fine in Photo app.
    09-25-2015 08:27 PM
  6. kwill's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for everyone's input. I have no idea why its happening. May try another hard reset it removing the SD card again.
    09-25-2015 08:56 PM

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