1. Hamza Waseem's Avatar
    Hi everyone. Windows 10 mobile build 10536 has been out for a week now, and for some damn reason, my update progress bar still can't go past 0%. I've tried it plugged in, on 3g cellular, on WiFi, everything. I've tried to do it by keeping the screen on, by keeping the setting app open, but the bar refuses to move. Initially I was able to get to the Preparing to install phase, but that ended in an error, the code of which I can't exactly remember.

    Now. I'm hardly the only one with this problem. If you read any of the articles related to this build, not on WC, but all other Windows sites, most comments on them deal with the progress bar stuck on 0% or any other number, and in the end getting the error code I got.

    Now, I'd like to ask anyone who was able to successfully update, whether something special has to be done, or it's just wait and see. One thing I've noticed, and found odd, is that Data Sense isn't showing any data being used. I find that odd, since updating should use a considerable amount of data.

    Also, ever since I've tried to update, my store isn't working. It can detect updates and adds downloads to the queue, but like the phone update, the progress bar doesn't move, nor any data is used.

    Someone please help, cuz its driving me mad. Or do I simply roll back, and update directly. That's seems to be the best option right now...
    09-25-2015 05:33 AM
  2. Adamya Agrawal's Avatar
    I too was experiencing the exact same problem, but somehow I was able to update to 10536, by hard resetting the phone and trying incessantly.
    The store not updating the apps is still there and I have no idea how and why this problem is present. Were you able to solve your problem, and if so, how?
    09-25-2015 07:51 AM

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