1. ErJaspreetSingh's Avatar
    Hello Everyone.. I wanna know that is there any news about releasing of WP10 ?

    I have 640XL bought in April 2015.

    If there are no lag and problems in new relaese of wp10.. Can I upgrade or should I wait for sometime? (because waranttny will be void if i do so)

    10-04-2015 12:42 AM
  2. Paul1266's Avatar
    Given your concerns it would probably be a good idea to wait for the final release. I have the latest preview installed on a 735 (a backup device) and it is streets ahead from earlier previews but not the polished smooth experience you get from 8.1.
    ErJaspreetSingh likes this.
    10-04-2015 01:14 AM

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