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    We all know that there are 2 MSFT Internal Rings that evaluate a Build and then flight it to Windows Insiders Fast and Slow.

    Now, I read that the new 950xl has been loaded with 10546 and appears to be fast and fluid.

    Gabe has confirmed through Twitter that they are currently evaluating 10549.4.

    What do these numbers mean in such case? If MSFT can confidently load an OS for flagship why are Insiders left out Crawling?

    What's the difference between the OS in 950XL and the ones given for testing for the Insiders?

    I could see three layers:

    1. Insiders in the fast ring provided with build 10536.1004 struggling with degrading performance on build, loading......, resuming............................experience

    2. 10546 available in Flagship which I believe should be faaaar faaar better and stable than 10536.1004 and MSFT should have addressed Loading/Resuming issues while loading onto Flagship

    3. Evaluating 10549.4 as confirmed by Gabe which is anticipated to be released as soon as possible
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