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    Every time I check updates there is always new update for Halo: Spartan Strike that I cannot complete because the space is not there on the phone or the MicroSD card. I haven't really played it in a while so I would be willing to uninstall it, but because of it's state I cannot - the only options with it is to retry - which it will never finish anyway.
    There was just 1 time I was able to update it but had to make space...FOR 4+Gbs!!!! I thought that was the end of it - wrong!!! The next day it's back. The other problem is that the game is exponentially larger than it was originally. If I'm not mistaken it was about 1.3gb or so when it released but these updates on WP10 show it as larger and larger over time. The last time I checked it, the pending download was over 8gb!!!!! WTF is going on?
    10-15-2015 12:29 AM

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