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    Hi All, just wanted to write a quick post on my experiences with 10586.29 (that came out two days ago for Windows Insiders).

    My setup: Verizon HTC M8 for Windows (factory unlocked). Dutch SIM card (works fine out of the box), 64GB Sandisk Extreme MicroSDHC card.

    Steps I did for install:
    1. Hard reset phone on factory Windows 8.1 update 2. (settings - about - reset phone)
    2. Installed Windows Insider app
    3. Updated phone via Slow Ring (it showed 10586.29 available) - download was pretty big, 700mb
    4. After update was done, another hard reset, then formatted the SD card as new
    5. Cleaned out my phone - deleted Verizon apps and anything else I did not need (like the NFL app)
    6. Windows Store - get all updates
    7. Soft reset (just turn off phone and back on)
    8. Set up the phone as new, added 3 mailboxes, including company email
    9. Downloaded all apps I needed - banking, WhatsApp, etc
    10. Profit :)

    Since I am jetlagged, got up at 2:45AM yesterday and started "killing" my phone:
    - check out every little setting (used an iPhone 5S before this)
    - tweak every last aspect to my liking
    - test camera, video, etc - there is something wrong with the HTC Camera wrapper, and it doesn;t save the location, so I'm using the Microsoft Camera, which actually takes beautiful pictures...
    - customized the home screen, etc
    - set my notifications and ringtones (took about an hour until I listened to each and every one LOL)

    So all in all very heavy usage. Oh, and I'm roaming, so that also takes its toll on the battery. By 5PM (so after 14 hours!) the battery was still on 45%!!! OMG.

    What doesn't work (yet) currently with the phone on W10M:
    - HTC apps - doesn't really matter since MS makes very good replacement apps

    Well, the list is short for that :)
    Basically, everything else works just fine for me. I mean everything. I noticed that if I run any HTC apps the phone starts lagging, I am guessing some app background usage due to not being good apps. I just deleted the HTC apps, reset the phone and no noticable lag anywhere.

    So as of now, I would say Windows 10 Mobile is ready for prime time!
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    I'm pleased with this update on my HTC One M8 as well.
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    12-06-2015 01:17 PM
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    An update after about one week. I have returned home, so here is something about battery life - it has now stabalized at an even better level!

    Took the M8 off the charger yesterday ay noon, did some light emailing (10-20 emails) and bluetooth streamed music during dinner for about 30 minutes. Now the next day, past 8AM (so 18 hours later) and the battery is still at 80%... WOW - very impressed!
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    12-14-2015 01:35 AM

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