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    I've been thinking, we all want certain apps to come on the platform or more features or more settings. A lot of American WM users want banking apps while a lot of Indian users want 2G/3G/4G only mode for data (so do I actually, in Kenya) and others would like the ability to have more control over settings

    My question is, are there apps that you don't wish to have in the phone but are there and you can't remove them?

    Or settings that you know you will never use?

    Or features that can't imagine needing?

    I for one wish I could remove xbox and weather apps as I have never used them. Or onenote, podcasts (what are these anyway?)

    Or features like driving mode (never driving), kid's corner, apps corner

    What about you guys, what do you wish you had the ability to remove, especially apps?
    12-10-2015 03:56 AM

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