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    I just updated my Lumia 920 to the latest insider build a few days ago and I thought I'd post my experience for those are looking for more input on this.

    My Lumia was on Windows Phone 8.1 latest build for that. The battery in my phone has already been pretty bad. I get about 15 hours on light usage. Before I updated, I actually deleted all my photos and messages because I figured it would improve the update process because there would be less data for the OS to migrate. The update brought me up to 10586.29 and it updated without any hassle. The process took about 30 minutes and I was up and running. Note, I did not to a hard reset before or after the update.

    On build .29, the phone navigated smoothly for the most part. I had many updates from the Windows store to get through. I do like the some of the UI changes that come with W10M. The start tiles are tighter knit together, the settings is more organized, the action centre is more flexible in function, the open app animation is a nice transition, all the 8.1 apps are still running nicely. There were definitely more loading screens than I was used to in 8.1 when opening apps and a few UI glitches with certain apps missing their icon, the start screen completely disappearing, the settings not loading up at all, the email inbox not loading with messages right away. Overall, I would have to say it's running pretty well without a hard reset.

    A day later, I updated to build .36. This build fixed my issue with the start screen and settings. I was able to also see how my battery holds up, and it seems like I'm down to about 13 hours on light usage now. It feels fine as my daily driver. I'm able to do my usual phone tasks without much difference from 8.1. I like all the changes of W10M, just the snappy experience of the OS isn't quite there yet with the loading screens and odd app list glitches here and there. I'll consider doing a hard reset in the next few weeks depending on how the OS holds up.

    Hope this has helped some of you out.
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    12-22-2015 02:07 PM

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