07-04-2016 10:01 PM
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  1. rsdimba's Avatar
    I am noticing the same on Lumia Icon, when in use the battery is draining faster than charging! I had it charging after hard reset and copying photos back to phone. When I started copying battery was at 43% and charging, when done battery was at 13% and charging!

    Is there a way to go back to 14332 build? One good thing about this build, message are being read out on Bluetooth!

    Is Hey Cortana working for other? On mine it says Cortana needs to be enabled but it is already enabled!
    05-17-2016 06:11 PM
  2. The1Weapon's Avatar
    I've never experienced anything like this. I have a Lumia Icon which is my main phone and a 950XL on the side as an unactivated device. My 950 XL is fantastic on this build with no discernible issues and with such incredible speed that this build rivals IOS in many ways now.

    My Icon is a completely different story. The phone died within 3-5 hours of being off the charger from 100% charge with no one directly attributable app to it. I've had it on a charger plugged directly into the wall (as opposed to through my computer via USB) and the phone won't even turn on. I'm wondering how it is that this build has wrecked the phone so bad that even when it's dead, it's burning through battery so much as to not even start up again. I hope I can use WDRT to revert it back and restore it, because this is terrible.
    05-17-2016 06:37 PM
  3. Krystianpants's Avatar
    Mine has been running great minus a few weird things.

    *The iris scan works but it doesn't have the animation at the top that it's actually being triggered. IT just says "Swipe up to dismiss lock screen". But then out of nowhere it says "hey Krystian". And of course I see the red IR light on so I know it's scanning.

    *The battery seems to do well when I'm in standby or doing basic things. But if I run a game it drains super quick.

    *Text scaling in Edge. While I haven't encountered any issues where pages were not usable. It does look sort of funky with the big fonts on some sites. They don't cause any abnormalities for me though as shown by screenshots. However, having edge have separate scaling would make more sense.

    The plus side to the IR scanner animation text? The IR scanner now properly triggers only after the password required timeout is reached. So if I have it set to 15 minutes it won't trigger every time I press the power button, only after the 15 minute timer expires.

    Edge also lets you pin websites to start screen as usual, but now the actual Tiles are the website logos not the Edge logo. Yay!

    The live tile updates are much faster than before.
    Generally the operation seems faster as well.

    I'm still seeing if I like the new store or not. It doesn't seem that much different other than the home page having quicker access to a few things. The plus is you can remove stuff from the "my library" section now.
    05-17-2016 06:41 PM
  4. devspeed's Avatar
    On the Lumia Icon there is something continually pinging the network. I think if we could find out what this is we might nail down the battery drain problem. Too bad the Data Usage app isn't working.
    05-17-2016 06:58 PM
  5. p.ashton's Avatar
    Any change in Health battery usage with background set to off?
    Battery life improved a little and the phone cooled off a lot once Health background was set to off, but still not what it used to be before this update. Just installed the new Health app and nothing much has changed. With Health background set to on, phone can barely charge while plugged in.
    05-17-2016 07:03 PM
  6. signal-2-noise's Avatar
    The biggest bust with this build is the Windows Store "Check for Updates" is non-functional. How does a bug like this get past MS QA Dept. (if they even have one), especially since they took the time to redesign the Store app. Good grief!
    05-17-2016 07:35 PM
  7. MsftMan's Avatar
    Turning off BT and WiFi help greatly for getting a charge... but after that's done back to battery drain city.
    05-17-2016 07:46 PM
  8. brizzock's Avatar
    I went back to to threshold release for my Lumia Icon / 929 (WDRT/fresh install). Cellular data was completely broken and nobody on this thread seemed to be having the same issue or could offer guidance.

    I will probably install fast ring on my 830 this week for fun.
    05-17-2016 08:19 PM
  9. MsftMan's Avatar
    So I chose "Reset" phone from the settings on my Lumia Icon and even chose "Fresh Start," the damn thing STILL loaded 14342? What the hell? Now my Windows Recovery tool on my PC is giving me errors... won't start.
    05-17-2016 09:08 PM
  10. rsdimba's Avatar
    you have to use Windows Recovery to go back to 8.1. Reset from Phone settings only clears the current account and does a refresh of the current version.
    05-17-2016 09:11 PM
  11. mortici's Avatar
    If you are having battery drain issues, do you have a custom name for the SIM card?

    I see svchost.exe running with the user name <phone name>\WPNONETWORK

    I am going to capture an etl log. Considering this is happening on phones that don't have sd cards as well (I have a 735 Verizon, with SD card) I don't think its an SD card issue. The only way I get the CPU from running constantly at 30% is to flip it into airplane mode, then the service eventually dies out or reduces to 10%. Its not device encryption either.

    I toggled airplane mode and turned on wifi, bt and location and all was normal, can't turn on cellular data in AP mode, so toggle off AP mode and spike comes back. I wonder if its SIM card/cellular related.

    NOTE: My ICON that is doesn't have a sim card in it but is connected to WiFi does not exhibit this behavior everything is on except cellular and device is encrypted, no SD card, all apps up to date and running 14342.

    I have not seen the same process do this at all while I can watch the 735 do it for hours.
    05-17-2016 09:33 PM
  12. MsftMan's Avatar
    Yeah, now if I can only get Recovery tool working again...
    05-17-2016 09:58 PM
  13. PPCFreak's Avatar
    Any change in Health battery usage with background set to off?
    not seeing much change in battery usage even with Health background turned off. am noticing that something seems to be invoking the location service with great frequency. seeing the dot show up next to my signal indicator and Bluetooth symbol a lot more frequent that before. just not sure what service is actually calling the location service all the time.
    05-17-2016 10:12 PM
  14. mortici's Avatar
    So I did a hard reset, and restored from backup that I did before upgrade. The battery drain is still associated with this svchost.exe process that's constantly using 30-35% CPU.

    Seems its doing a restoring user data step from the store on Money and Health, it did everything else as far as downloading maps pinning startmenu etc, but there are 70 pending updates after this, so I think it has something to do with it. Not sure exactly what. Its either this or something with cellular data. Either way there is a processor churn, but all the other monitors show minimal network and I/O usage. About 20KB down and 40KB up.

    Hmmmmm, could be store or account related?
    05-17-2016 10:28 PM
  15. andyqkw's Avatar
    So I chose "Reset" phone from the settings on my Lumia Icon and even chose "Fresh Start," the damn thing STILL loaded 14342? What the hell? Now my Windows Recovery tool on my PC is giving me errors... won't start.
    You'll have to use WDRT to revert back to earlier builds, doing a reset alone will get you back to current OS build...
    05-17-2016 10:51 PM
  16. Angry Pixel's Avatar
    Yeah, now if I can only get Recovery tool working again...
    I faced the same issue. Broken cellular data and wifi thus had to resort back to release preview build. I got the errors in Recovery tool, what worked for me is that i disconnected the phone, turned it off and restarted using power and volume down so that i get the exclamation mark sign on screen. Now i choose the option "My device was not detected" in recovery tool. Now i clicked next in recovery tool when it started looking for device, now conencted the phone but it still didnt got detected. After some time the recovery tool would suggest you to restart the phone by holding down the Power and volume down button. This time it will go through and start the flashing process.
    05-17-2016 11:26 PM
  17. Daniel B1's Avatar
    I just installed the update a couple of hours ago. My Lumia 640 froze on the logo during the update. After 1hr, I soft reset by holding Pwr+VolDown until it vibrated and it rebooted and continued the update.

    Reading through the thread, I saw the post about the scaling issue and the daddyleagues.com/madscrubs webpage so thought I'd try that - I had a typo in my typed URL so I tapped the kb joystick left and it did not respond. Then I noticed nothing was responding - the keyboard/scrolling/Edge/the volume buttons/the Power button - none of them worked. A moment later the phone began to buzz and vibrate... and it did not stop!

    After 2 minutes of the phone vibrating and the phone still unresponsive, I plugged the phone in to my AC charger, and with no change, performed a soft reset (held 11 seconds). Phone rebooted and issue has not reoccurred.

    I've got a long list of (Feedback filed) minor annoyances and suggestions for improvements but my main complaints with W10M are still not addressed:
    • Apps crash randomly ALL THE TIME. This has only been an issue during the last few months - when I first installed W10M on this phone back in December 2015, it was rock solid. Happened to me on this build at least 11 times (not exaggerating) during the 30 minutes or so that I was typing this message, while using each of Feedback Hub, Word, and Edge. It's a frustrating experience. And I can barely get through 15 minutes of Wordament gaming without the app crashing on me these days. Very frustrating!
    • Phone is is often sluggish - switching between apps, bringing up KB, expanding webpage menus. Responsiveness was not an issue back in December.
    • Edge History doesn't work. I don't believe it has ever worked for me in W10M. Works on my other WP8.1 phone though.
    • Scrolling in Edge stops working randomly. This began in previous build, and I was able to reproduce this after only a few minutes of using this latest update.
    • Keyboard doesn't pop up in some web text boxes or doesn't disappear. example: this website - I cannot reliably type replies on this forum using my W10M phone because the keyboard often doesn't open when I tap the Message box. Happens on lots of forums.
    • BLOCKER, in my opinion: With ENG(CA) keyboard and language set "English (Canada)", and with Speech language set to "English (Canada):-
      1) in the kb word suggestions, US-English spellings are given greater priority to ENG(CA) and in many instances the Canadian spelling is nowhere to be seen! ex: I type the letters "col" and "color" is the first suggestion while the correct ENG(CA) spelling "colour" or any of its derivatives are not suggested. Typing "col" in Word, I see "color cold college colors collect Colorado Columbus Cole colored Columbia closed Cpl. Vol come coming cool com completely". Typing "colo" gives me: "cool color colors colorful colors colony colon colonoscopy cologne coloring Colorado coliseum college computer comp coop complete collapsed completely". Typing "colou" gives me: "color computer computers colour colourise compulsive....." (and note that "colourise" is not a Canadian spelling).
      2) Auto-correct often changes the correctly-typed Canadian-English spelling into incorrect American English. ex: I type "colour" and tap the space bar and the word I typed is changed to "color". The changing of spellings from ENG(CA) to ENG(US) is not consistent - ex: "metre" is changed to "meter" automatically but "theatre" is left as typed.
      3) Using Voice Dictation via the kb microphone button produces text written in a foreign language, specifically ENG(US). In my test, ALL of the words that I used that are, in Canadian English (and British/Australian/South African English) spelled with "-re" or "-our" endings, were inserted automatically via W10M dictation with American "-er" and "-or" endings. The same is true for "-lling" "-lled" words, too - such as "travelling" or "travelled" which in American English use a single l.
    • Paste icon is often greyed-out even when an item is successfully on the clipboard and can be pasted via press-and-hold menu.
    • After returning to a text-entry area (on a web-page, in Word, or OneNote), sometimes the existing text becomes "invisible". Has happened since the last few builds and continues in this build
    • Flashlight cannot be used while phone is using external power. So if you have Flashlight turned ON and then plug in to the AC charger, the camera LED (acting as flashlight) turns OFF, even though the Quick Action button is 'ON' (blue). Being plugged in does not affect the Camera app's use of flash, but it does affect the use of the LED in apps that utilize it like the heart-rate monitoring app NeoCardiograph.
    Last edited by Daniel B1; 05-18-2016 at 12:45 AM.
    05-18-2016 12:23 AM
    For DS Network problem still there, MS also told that they are finding the cause. For APP update showing error code: 0x80246016 in my Lumia 730DS. Specially for those app install in Internal memory.
    05-18-2016 12:30 AM
  19. Maurizio Troso's Avatar
    ERRATA CORRIGE: Store update works perfect, it shows a chrono list of all downloads and updates now!
    Only the blue key needs a fix, just tap it and wait a minute for results
    05-18-2016 02:15 AM
  20. 4Reload's Avatar
    Big battery drain on my L930, Cortana lockscreen disable did not help....
    40% battery drain in 2 hours... doing nothing....

    Any word from Microsoft on the drain issue???
    05-18-2016 02:43 AM
  21. Maurizio Troso's Avatar
    Big battery drain on my L930, Cortana lockscreen disable did not help....
    40% battery drain in 2 hours... doing nothing....

    Any word from Microsoft on the drain issue???
    If your phone is back heating, it is syncing and caching. And some apps are still updating, maybe blocked in pending list. Check in Store -> Downloads -> Tab the blue key and wait a minute, even if it seems doing nothing. ANd check results.
    Check your background apps enabled
    Drainin will stop in few hours
    05-18-2016 02:53 AM
  22. 4Reload's Avatar
    After 30 hours the drain is still there.

    And there are no downloads pending... Look at the twitter feed from Gabe Aul and see there is a serieus problem with a battery drain
    Even after a hard reset the Phone is using 25% a hour....

    05-18-2016 03:11 AM
  23. the_source's Avatar
    Drain has been going on for two full days now, don't think this is related to the update process still doing background work. Culprit seems to be Cortana and the Microsoft Health app???
    05-18-2016 03:31 AM
  24. 4Reload's Avatar
    Same here, culprit seems to be Cortana and the Microsoft Health app???
    Disabling Cortana did not help at al... Seems to be a problem where a proces is broken and seems to keep in contact with the network.
    And that uses 30 % CPU all the time....
    05-18-2016 03:34 AM
  25. monedetoune's Avatar
    accessing files from apps (attaching photos, documents to WhatsApp, outlook email, etc.) halts the process, hangs for 5 seconds before the system kicks you back to start screen, which loads in 2 halves (top part loaded, bottom part looks like the screen is slowly scrolling vertically upwards OCCASIONALLY. other than that, on l950, seeing improvement on Wi-Fi reception but has a bit of trouble keeping LTE connection(but that's just maybe my service provider as well as I'm living in a 20yr old condo with "built in" faraday cage)
    05-18-2016 03:58 AM
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