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    I just installed the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia Icon yesterday. I really like the overall OS and feel of everything, but I have some questions. They may be answered elsewhere on the forums, but it is easier for me to lump my questions into one and see if anyone has any insights.

    So here are the questions I have:

    First, and most importantly of all my questions, does Windows 10 Mobile not support ringtons/text tones for individual contacts? If I set notifications to default, it will play the individual tones that I had set in 8.1, but there is no default notification (and I can't find a place to change that) that plays for anyone I don't have a unique tone set for. If I set the messaging app notification to something, it overrides all of the individual text tones I had set. So either I get the individual tones for the most frequent texters, and nothing for anyone else. Or I get the generic text tone for everyone.

    When I go into individual contacts, it still lists their text and ring tones that I set. But any attempt to change them brings up a pop up window saying that I need an app to do this and that I should check the windows store. It seems unlikely to me that this is the way the OS is designed, but since I have only been on it one day, I don't know if it is fact the way it is intended to work.

    Second, when the Windows 10 build installed, I got a notification that said, "Welcome to Cyan." I was on Lumia Denim. I never had Cyan, as I don't believe any Icons did. I am unable to activate Hey Cortana. It says that it isn't supported on my device. It isn't a huge deal as I had issues with it really working on 8.1. In 8.1 I would always have trouble with the microphone picking up my voice when I would try to calibrate it. Then, if I would get it calibrated, Cortana would randomly come on when I set my phone down and pick up anything that I was saying. So I wasn't using Hey Cortana. But it seems weird that I was downgraded to Cyan and am completely unable to use Cortana now. Is this the way it is supposed to be currenty on the Icon in Windows 10 Mobile?

    Third, does Windows 10 Mobile do away with Facebook integration in contacts and people hubs? I can connect the Facebook contacts, but all I get is peoples' pictures. I can still view Twitter through individual contacts and through the People hub, but nothing from Facebook. Is that the way Windows 10 is designed to work?

    I have other questions, but those are the top 3 and I don't want to make this so long that people skip it over. Thanks for any insight you might have.

    No, I haven't tried anything like a hard reset or setting to factory settings or anything because I don't know if these are bugs or the way the OS is designed.
    08-29-2015 07:31 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    First step... Hard reset :p I know this can be time-consuming but it does do wonders for most, so give that a shot and come back?
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    08-29-2015 07:54 PM
  3. colinkiama's Avatar
    Btw, make sure you DO NOT restore from any backups.
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    08-29-2015 08:44 PM
  4. kanyon40's Avatar
    Does this mean that each of these things I am experiencing is a bug? Thanks for the responses.
    08-29-2015 09:15 PM
  5. Rising Mos's Avatar
    All the issues you mentioned are known. They should be fixed/added by the time windows 10 mobile is officially released.

    A reset will not fix the issues for you but it will make the OS faster and more stable in general.
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    08-29-2015 09:25 PM
  6. kanyon40's Avatar
    Thanks Rising Mos.
    08-29-2015 09:36 PM
  7. Rising Mos's Avatar
    No problem. Don't forget to upvote them in the feedback app and report anything you want changed or added as well. Welcome to W10m :)
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    08-29-2015 09:49 PM
  8. Alain_A's Avatar
    make sure to re-install windows insider if it is not on the phone
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    08-29-2015 11:21 PM
  9. Rising Mos's Avatar
    Check if you can select different ringtones for different people now. Let us know if that is possible :)
    09-02-2015 01:04 PM
  10. kanyon40's Avatar
    I am now able to set different ringtones for different contacts. Still only uses the master notification for texts, but sounds like it is that way for everyone.
    09-02-2015 02:39 PM

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