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    There are so many things in the actions of Microsoft that point in the direction that phones powered by their own OS is NOT something they prioritize.

    Just see the lack of development for WP8.1, the focus on iOS/Android development (done by Microsoft) and the (so far) very questionable design and performance of W10M.
    See also how they (Microsoft) without a doubt just slashes all the legacy Nokia apps (which made more than a few chose Nokia/WP from the beginning).

    Things that (for me) stands out reading the more insightful comments is that “W10M is so closely tied to Windows and XBOX that they cannot change it faster OR make it more optimized for phones” and “W10M is on its way so focusing on WP8.1 would be a bad move/waste by Microsoft".

    So, to my questions:
    1. What is the benefit for the end user with W10M code so closely tied to Windows/Xbox? Why would not a more “mobile optimized” system be better? There are today NO unique PC/mobile connections in either WP or W10M (for the user). Both Android and IOS seems to be able to handle “mobile OS” development, why should not Microsoft go that path? Why stay with this hampering Windows/PC/Xbox/mobile connection if it does not give anything good for the end user?

    2. The common standpoint that “Microsoft should not do anything for WP as W10M is on its way…".
    Does this really make sense? WP was behind Android/iOS 2014 and then Microsoft stopped developing for it and turned their focus on W10M AND iOS/Android. How could they win a race when the competition is constantly moving forward while Microsoft standing still (and helping the competition)? How do they expect to be able to get attention from dealers/carriers that just threw out the last Windows phone? This just does not make any sense for me, unless, Microsoft has given up the race and is about to throw in the towel.

    What am I missing? OR is Nadella just full of BS (when he talks about how important a phone OS is to Microsoft)

    EDIT: The only possible reasons for MS actions that I can imagine:

    1. They are about to quit their phone OS.
    They will make the W10M release but it is without focus and they will instead concentrate their remaining resources to get market shares for their services on iOS and Android.
    I.e. Windows phones will die pretty soon and it is a part of their plan.
    = No fun to buy a Windows phone ever again.

    2. They believe that they cannot compete with iOS/Android when they play the “mobile OS race” but Think they got a real Ace.
    What they can do is to focus on W10 and “universal apps” and when/if these apps starts to be produced by third party developers (for W10), people will start to ask for a phone that will be able to run the same app-version… This would like a miracle change the position of W10M.
    I find this very unlikely, why should people request something that is “less phone optimized” than what they are used to have on their Android/iOS?
    = No fun to buy a Windows phone, atleast for the near future.

    3. They accept that they cannot compete in the coming years but see Continuum V3 (?) as the game changer. Continuum V3 (as I call it) is something that truly will put a real PC in your pocket. With CV3, you ARE able to run real PC-programs/apps multitasked and windowed. Until the technology is there, they will continue with halfhearted efforts and remove WP/W10M specific apps that they will not keep developer for. I fear also that SAP etc will find it more natural to adopt to Android/iOS -versions of Continuum than than a W10M left in the dark.
    = No fun to buy a Windows phone, atleast for the near future. Maybe in 5 years or so…
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    09-06-2015 07:00 AM
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    You said it yoursef, Users have choosen the product because of Nokia, not Microsoft! Now, its just logical to experience some bumps here and there.
    Microsoft is just holding on IOS/Android, because they set the standards, have it or it - it's true.
    Nandella is a CEO, which basically means a Promoter, and he is trying to sell you a product.
    09-06-2015 10:48 AM
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    wp 8.1 reached a point were it was great, then bad stuff started to come: social integration went highwire, photos hub ruined from the start of 8.1, cortana limited to US, apps owned by MS better developed on other platforms and now the last ruin, win 10. Where is the quality here? totally missing. you have to be blind not to see that even on PC windows 10 is still a non finished product.

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    09-06-2015 12:33 PM
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    MS is like my friend. Start many project and finish none.
    Or take 10 years to finish one
    09-06-2015 10:47 PM
  5. Nikolai Kuzbanovsky's Avatar
    Didn't they fire some thousands of their employees last month, trying to save money?
    OP says it right, MS cannot compete, and they have given up probably... And it is a pitty, the concept of the same OS for all devices had a lot of potencial.

    The same goes for chrome OS, but google knows when and how to pull out, without screwing all of their users.
    09-09-2015 04:17 AM

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