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    **With all the doom and gloom, I wanted to share a positive experience**

    I had an Awesome experience with At&t yesterday. It sort of helped that I got a cute sales rep as well ;) After deciding to switch back to At&t from Tmobile, I was going to switch from my 640 back to my Lumia 640 XL.

    I was pleasantly shocked to see the guy actually Knew my phone. And Not in the whole "I work here so I know what we sell, vaguely". I mean the guy knew the Lumia 640 XL because he had the same one.

    It's very rare to meet a sales rep(from any carrier) who has the same phone or a windows phone period.

    This was the guy who greeted me and signed me in. While working with the cute sales rep, who was patient, the guy comes over and makes conversation and he discovered I was running windows 10.

    He was inquiring about how it ran for me, if I liked it and we were gossiping about the rumors and stuff.

    He even went on to say "Is this an iPhone? No. Is this a Galaxy or LG? No....Yet it is still an awesome phone that is worth the price and is a good competitor to an iPhone in many ways."

    It just felt good to deal with such a WP fan in a carrier setting. I never have a bad experience at this At&t store when I am in North Carolina but usually it is never been a personable experience where I kind of relate to the sales rep.

    I see why Microsoft and Att are so tight with Windows Phones...While the other carriers are necessary, At&t is the one champion Microsoft can't afford to lose. If they lose At&t it is all over and I see why almost all the best Windows phones go there.

    Just had to share a positive experience. :)
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    Good to hear a positive story for a change. Not sure I'm not thinking AT&T are pro-Microsoft though. But good to hear a rep was.
    09-21-2015 10:08 PM

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