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    Windows 10 mobile : The apps that were installed on the memory card are unavailable, moreover, no new apps can be installed on the memory card. The storage settings don't show the option of saving apps, photos,etc on the sd card. The file explorer is not working, at all. So basically, all the sd card functions are lost but we can uninstall a particular app that was previously installed before updating to windows 10 mobile, from the phone. And if a particular app is installed on sd, then the store shows that the app is installed but is shown unavailable by the phone. But the old files app shows the sd card and lets us manage photos, videos , documents stored on it.And also, when the phone is connected to the pc, only the phone storage is shown and not the sd card ,so we cannot read or access the sd card on the pc when the phone is connected to the pc by a cable. When I removed the sd card and installed it on another phone, still its not shown at all.
    10-26-2015 10:51 AM

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