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    Hi all,

    So I am running a fairly recent build of Windows 10 mobile — don't know how to check for the exact one, but its about two weeks old — and I started having a really annoying problem come up earlier today. Out of nowhere, my microphone icon is no longer appearing when I open a text, the Edge browser, or any other application. Without a doubt my favorite feature of Windows 10 was the text to speech. Not having this is really hurting my overall windows experience, and I have no idea why the microphone icon suddenly vanished! If I enable location services I can get Cortana to work, and there is a microphone icon to interact with her (not the same as keyboard icon though).

    Anyone have some idea of what could have happened? I have tried to restart my phone and the issue is not resolved.

    My phone is a Lumia 640

    Thank you!

    Update: Never mind, I figured it out. I had changed the keyboard to English Canadian from English U.S. That removed the Microphone icon from my keyboard!

    Thank you anyway, and I hope to be a regular on these forums!
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