1. GamoZ's Avatar
    Has anyone who upgraded their Lumia 1520 to the latest W10M build noticed that the file sizes of pictures and videos taken with the camera are huge? For pictures, on the order of 3-5MB and much larger for videos depending on the duration.

    They are so large that I can't email most due to their size.

    I went to the new Microsoft store in Manhattan today to compare the file sizes against the 950XL and they are considerably smaller. In line with what it was on WP8.1. Speaking with two store reps, one of which who was also using an upgraded 1520, confirmed she was seeing the same behavior.

    Is this just a software or firmware issue that will be fixed when W10M is "officially" released for the 1520?

    Curious what others are seeing.
    12-10-2015 05:00 PM
  2. TrueMetalGeek's Avatar
    In the camera settings you may have it set for the 20MP and not both 20MP and 5MP or whatever the setting is.

    I just have mine set for the higher size because that is what the camera is for and I figure using one size makes it faster to take the next shot.

    I installed an app called IMAGE SQUEEZE that lets me compress the files down to less than 1 MB in size for sending in emails.

    Also, if you record HD video the file size will be pretty big.
    If you record in 4K HD the files will be gigantic! LOL but that is a super high resolution format.
    12-10-2015 11:08 PM
  3. GamoZ's Avatar
    I do have it set to the full 16MP, I've even toggled it between the various settings and took the same picture but the results were about the same, 3-5MB files. When attaching them to an email the size remains the same.

    Taking a similar picture on the 950XL with the same settings yielded 500-600KB file. So something definitely does not appear optimized for the 1520.

    Ok look into that so you mentioned as a work around for now. Thank you!
    12-11-2015 06:50 AM
  4. Ma Rio's Avatar
    Disable living images. They can take up a lot of space. Also, 3-5 MB is normal size for a 16 MP shot. While I had it on 5MP pictures were about 2-3 MBs if I recall correctly.
    12-13-2015 10:56 PM

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