1. Popol67's Avatar

    Sorry I cannot seem to find the build I have....I am on the insider fast track and want to download the latest version (10586.36), I am on the previous one...

    However since installing that version I have no wifi access. It sees my network and gives me the 'connecting' then the message 'Your phone can't connect to the Wifi network xxxx'. I have not been able to access wifi since the last update. Problem is I cannot download the new one as I have no wifi (haha)

    In Belgium on a Lumia 930.

    Thanks for any help!

    12-18-2015 04:16 AM
  2. hkdrj's Avatar
    If the wifi youre trying to access is an Enterprise Wifi, youre out of luck. Still doesnt work in that build. Its the third build in a row where Enterprise Wifi is broken.
    12-18-2015 06:45 AM
  3. JensGr's Avatar
    Hi Paul,

    i have a similar problem on my Lumia 830 and 730. Every times i charge my devices and disconnect them from the power plug after loading, they cannot connect to my Wifi network at home or to the one at my parents anymore. I see the Wifi network in the settings but if i try to connect i get the same error you get. What helps for me is to power off the device and then boot it up again. After the boot up is finished i can again connect to the Wifi network. I would really like to know how to fix this behavior with a better solution.
    12-23-2015 07:16 AM

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