02-05-2016 02:45 PM
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  1. Kram Sacul's Avatar
    WP should develop some new feature. for example automatically detect nearby devices and once it finds android phones or iphones the wp can hack into them remotely and erase everything inside and then prompt their users to upgrade to windows 10 for free. if the android phone/iphone user refuse the wp can emit laser to destroy them completely.
    I think they already have that for Windows 7 and 8 users.
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    02-04-2016 01:06 AM
  2. mattdodwell's Avatar
    I am a new Windows Phone user. I moved from iOS (iPhone 5s) in November and do not regret it at all. I really hope Windows Phone isn't dead, but as long as Windows 10 Mobile OS continues on other good spec 3rd party hardware or the on off rumoured Surface Phone then I will be pleased.

    I will not go back to iOS and Goodle bugs the heck out of me so Android will be a painful decision.

    I have to say, it might be that if a Windows Mobile OS dies completely, I will drop my smart phone and use a bog standard handset for calls and text, and get a Surface as my mobile device for email etc. I am fed up with paying through the noise of iOS. At last call to get an iPhone 6s with 16gb's it would cost me 54 per month for 2 years + 10 upfront and the price goes up slight for the 64gb and 128gb.

    I purchased my Lumia 950 at 0 up front and 27.50 per month for 2 years. This was a reduction from 35 per month from my iPhone 5s. I have 32gb's and because of the SD Card options, i have an additional 128gb. I am stuck with an iPhone 6 for work (company supplied).

    I have found W10m a breath of fresh air. Is it perfect? No! But I was hoping that as MS mature the Windows 10 platform we will see more and more. If MS stop making hardware and it is only third party manufactures that do, but we get a solid OS, then I am happy with this too, as long as the handsets aren't underpowered and generally crap.

    Apart from the slight bendy plastic back cover (which doesn't really bother me), I am very happy with the Lumia 950, even down to the detail of button placement. I will be looking into accessories soon, a dock, headphones and speaks, maybe a wireless charging pad, but I will be honest, my purchase of accessories a Surface 3, Office 365 has been delayed by the recent 'click bait' of the Windows is Dead articles. I want fact not rumour and am disappointed MS have not come out to reiterate their plan and strategy to give both new and existing customers confidence.

    The company I work for will probably be changing format and I will end up going self employed if this is the case, I would highly consider a Surface Phone (if the rumours become reality), with a Surface as my working tool, not this Mac Air I currently have.
    02-04-2016 04:05 AM
  3. v535's Avatar
    Maybe they were signalling the time period to take over a huge share in the market has come to an end. I don't think MS will give up but I like WP more than android and i'm not concerned with app-gap.
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    02-04-2016 04:59 AM
  4. montera's Avatar
    I'm still waiting Win 10 for my 1520 and 930 but I'm optimistic the time will come. Some day in the future there will be the day. What are the numbers in the calendar, when they deliver the OS, will remain as unknown. There may be some more delays but as I said, I'm optimistic.
    02-04-2016 06:54 AM
  5. Krystianpants's Avatar
    May sound silly. But if you get the kardashians, Kanye west and all those big stars to switch to windows 10 on their own because ms makes such a killer phone then you would see the new Apple born pretty quickly lol.
    02-04-2016 08:18 AM
  6. Ten Four's Avatar
    My optimistic vision is that Microsoft will create some killer productivity communication package that will make the Surface Phone become just an extension of Office 365. In other words, you will just sync your phone and desktop and everything will work seamlessly across the two. Start a Skype meeting on the phone as you walk down the hall to the conference room where you just start casting it onto the big wall monitor while everyone else files in with their phones they can use as mics so instead of being hunched around the stupid speakerphone in the middle of the table you can actually hear everyone. Plus your phone will be part of the office phone system with the sign in, so once in the building everyone can reach you at your extension on your Surface phone. And, the sign in to all this stuff in the office will be by looking at your phone. Plus, the phone will unlock the secure doors and elevator, sign you into the VPN, log your time into ADP, manage your expense account, etc. Yes, phones can do this stuff already, but it is all optional kludgey apps, different sign-ins, different security, different interfaces, blah, blah.

    My more realistic vision is that Nadella declares WP over in July.
    02-04-2016 09:02 AM
  7. Joe920's Avatar
    I'm suddenly slightly optimistic because I met someone yesterday who is clearly not a techie, and she had a Windows Phone. I was awake and sober, so I think this really happened. :) She said that she liked it because it was "just like her PC" and she could get to all her files on OneDrive. I didn't have the heart to tell her that you can get OneDrive on Android and iOS as well. :D Still, this one datapoint shows that at least for some people it might make a difference that the phone and PC OS look similar. One down, couple hundred million more to go!
    02-04-2016 10:58 AM
  8. labsii's Avatar
    Microsoft will use 'Apple Watch' strategy. And in general Apple strategy.

    There were zillions Android watches that sell almost nothing. Then Apple came to the brilliant idea. Release 10.000$ watch that every VIP will like to have. You know, so that they can claim they are VIP. And then when all people see those wearing that they will go to buy watch in their price range.

    So you can expect that this year the price of Microsoft's top phone will be at least 50% more than iPhone. Of course, it will be able to do more, probably some cool tricks. All of a sudden you won't look cool and rich if you have iPhone, because hey its cheap. And then people will see those cool phones at their bosses and go and buy something they can.

    That's also mostly how Surface is constantly growing while iPad is constantly declining - by being a lot more expensive and being able to do more.
    02-04-2016 03:38 PM
  9. Jason Rosenthal's Avatar
    I think Microsoft will keep pounding away at Windows Mobile out of necessity. If they should fail, they will likely be left with a bunch of dated people holding on to their Windows PCs well past the expiry date. At that point perhaps IBM, a like-minded services company, will buy them out.
    02-04-2016 05:00 PM
  10. etphoto's Avatar
    I listened to Windows weekly today and both Mary Jo and Paul said they believe OEMs will release WP 10 phones this year, HP being one of them.

    Sent from my Surface 3
    02-04-2016 08:12 PM
  11. GCrane1982's Avatar
    I think the root cause of Microsoft's current problems with mobile is the fact that the never really identified and acknowledged that mobile was the future. They had a great product in Windows Phone 7/8/8.1 which was beginning to see traction in regards to market share however they tried to accelerate this by launching Windows 8 for the PC thinking that people would love it and in turn buy into Windows Phone. The reality is that Windows 8 on the desktop was a failure which no one really wanted and probably put people off of purchasing a Windows Phone.

    In my opinion they should have let Windows 7 ride for a few more years, put more of a focus on further developing Windows Phone to win people over on the phone alone. This means making great devices and an OS that could stand up to iPhone and Andorid in terms of features and functions and them marketing the s*&t out it. They could have still had the universal store and universal apps which run on Windows 7. However once they had a reasonable market share on the phones say, 10-15%, they could have then released Windows 8/10 for the desktop which would have gotten a better reception as more people would be aware of the phone OS and the similaritie between desktop and mobile. At the moment people are liking Windows 10 however they know that most of the MS apps and reasons for getting a Windows Phone can also be found on iOS and Android.

    In summary they should have used mobile as the key platform to drive the desktop OS not the otherway round.

    Moving forward I think Microsoft still have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks/month to ensure that mobile survives. Firstly they need to get the Universal FB, Intsagram, Messenger and Twitter into the mobile store, who knows where these are going to be available. They need a proper wallet experience, with tap to pay similar to Apple Pay and they need to get the banks on board. They then need to get a move on with the iOS bridge to enable more developers like banks and government agenices to easily port over their apps. Without all of this Windows 10 mobile will fail, it may not be this year but it will fail.
    02-04-2016 10:08 PM
  12. fredie12's Avatar
    I'm hoping windows mobile will grow it's the only smart phone system I've used! mainly because I never bought the hype of the iPhone and after hearing other people's thoughts on android didn't inspire me to try it. so when I heard about the new windows 7 phones I looked into them and bought a HTC Mozart and loved the Metro style and windows (shame about the phone) but things just got better from there with the 920 and now 930 and soon to be 950xl. and windows mobile just gets better (with the occasional hiccup), So some of the life or death apps aren't there yet but hey! it's not the "End of the World" like some seem to say. so here's hoping for a killer surface phone to get windows mobile on the road to stardom!!!
    02-05-2016 02:45 PM
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