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    So we all have our negative feedbacks for the Win10 mobile OS. So let's hear out the positive side of it and what you love bout the OS and your phone and the features.
    02-06-2016 07:37 AM
  2. neo158's Avatar
    Well having installed it on my 930 and doing a Factory Reset I am very impressed, there are some minor issues and some areas where the UI still looks like WP8/8.1 but those issues will be fixed in future updates.

    What I am most impressed with is the battery life which is far better than on WP8.1 and the fact that the 930 seems to be just as speedy as the 950 and 950XL.

    Edit: I recently updated to the release preview and that has reduced the heat output of my 930 dramatically.
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    02-06-2016 07:46 AM

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