02-15-2016 07:03 PM
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  1. RobsBrutal1's Avatar
    That's what I'm reading all over right now.
    02-11-2016 10:43 PM
  2. windobuddies625's Avatar
    Hope so. Its been too long.
    02-11-2016 11:02 PM
  3. Kartik 10's Avatar
    Can anyone who is running the latest build assure me that is safe for a daily driver?
    02-12-2016 12:27 AM
  4. atst44's Avatar
    I use .71 (My phone is updating to the new one right now) as my daily driver. I do NOT have another phone and I use my phone for work. I also have two kids in Daycare. I trust this Win10 enough to run it, I cant imagine an excuse to not run it. I DO NOT update as soon as others do, simply because I NEED my phone to work. Been great so far... (Lumia 640 Metro branded, but unlocked for TMobile for Wifi Calling and Band 12)
    02-12-2016 08:56 AM
  5. hack14u's Avatar
    Can anyone who is running the latest build assure me that is safe for a daily driver?
    I have 2 phones so I can play with my 640. To answer your question, no, I wouldn't use it at all for a daily driver.
    02-12-2016 07:10 PM
  6. celticmagick's Avatar
    I am thinking of getting a 640 XL, the phone I had before was the L930, which ran windows 10 perfectly, bit concerned the 640 XL only has 1GB ram and a lower spec processor, thing I loved about the 930 is that it was completely lag free on W10. So knowing how it performs on the 640 is interesting. The battery life on my old 930 was OK to good on W10, how is the battery life o the 640 XL.
    W10 runs flawlessly on my 640 XL. No lag, crashes, etc. - very smooth for me.

    I can't give good battery status as I'm not on my phone 24/7.
    02-12-2016 07:16 PM
  7. hack14u's Avatar
    For me, it's back to resuming... resuming... A few apps open then crash like weather and mail. Could be the phone too, not enough ram, at least that's my thoughts on it.
    02-12-2016 07:47 PM
  8. Kram Sacul's Avatar
    Man, the start screen in W10M is really cluttered.
    02-12-2016 07:55 PM
  9. celticmagick's Avatar
    Well, for me, when I had .63 on my 640, sometimes my phone would just stop responding, and I have to restart it. Other times, the whole screen would just glitch up (screenshot), and I have to restart it. Those are just two of the bugs that made me decide to roll back to 8.1. And, yes, I did a factory reset after each update. W10m works most of the time, but people can't be under the illusion that W10m is safe to use as a primary device.

    Attachment 122122
    What did you do to cause this? This isn't strictly W10m. You've got something else going on.

    Even on my 635 W10m was pretty stable and has been for several builds now. Granted, the 512 ram caused some crashing every now and then and poor performance with Edge, but that was hardware induced.

    The OS has been used as a daily driver by lots of people and on many devices and has been for months.
    02-12-2016 10:48 PM
  10. Daniel B1's Avatar
    A few comments:

    • I have a 640 and a few weeks ago suffered the same "broken screen" issue that was shared a few posts above.
      I had just recorded a video and was trying to play it back but instead of playback, I got a black screen with nothing on it. When I hit Back, it caused the screen to go all weird, just like that pictured. I closed the Camera app, and my Start Screen was similarly affected. Deeply concerned, I shut down. It was fine after reboot.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that it was caused by lack of free storage space (I had <100MB free when I checked afterwards). I deleted a few things and rebooted again. Haven't seen issue again, though deleting images just taken in camera sometimes seems to hang on deletion (dots keep moving across screen, never ends).
    • W10M on a 640 is fine for daily use, no serious issues. There's bugs, and plenty of them but most if not all of them are minor in nature.
      My issue with W10M is the dozens of stupid little things that are either a step backwards, poorly implemented, missing wince WP8.1, inconsistent across components or core apps, or just plain broken. The OS as a whole has so many of them, and there are so many missed opportunities to WOW users that I simply am not impressed. Microsoft has set a low bar and they've met it. That is not the way forward.

      3 of my biggest gripes:
      1) Edge browser: does not close tabs via the Back button (when there is no more Backs in History for that tab), like in WP8.1. I often notice pages not loading properly, and have learned first step of troubleshooting is to check the All Tabs area, where I see there are usually dozens of tabs open, most being tabs I thought I was done with. It's not only user unfriendly to make tab closing difficult, but the result is a performance drag, and an unnecessary inconvenience to close them as the All Tabs page is horrible.
      2) Edge browser: keyboard Word Flow (swyping) is broken in this app, as it often decides to refuse to accept the word you've just swyped, and just puts a space or nothing there instead. Unacceptable, this is a core app.
      3) I'm in Canada and use the EN-CA keyboard. Tap-typing and Word Flow (swyped) word suggestions not only suggest American-English spellings with a greater priority than Canadian-English spellings, but it often incorrectly "corrects" entered Canadian spellings by changing them to US-EN! This is totally unacceptable for Canadians and if Microsoft launches W10M on wide-release like this, they will be laughed right out of the country. Media reports will likely generate a, "Microsoft makes an OS for phones? Who knew, eh?" response on social media.)

      That's just 3 examples of my daily "What were they thinking?! (Answer: they weren't)" face-palming moments, but I could go on for hours (not exaggerating, I've filed dozens of bugs in the Feedback App). WP8.1 had bugs and complaints and you would have hoped Microsoft would have learned from their mistakes - instead they've seemingly started everything from scratch, completely unnecessarily, and ignored everything the should have learned to date. Sad.
    • I would not recommend making a 640 with W10M your daily driver phone unless you have a memory card installed. At least not if you want to keep it up to date and eventually upgrade to the release version of W10M, and not if you don't want the phone to act strangely on you when you're super low on free storage, which you will be because of updates. I don't have a memory card in mine and always have to delete the 1 map I have installed and remove yet another app (or 2) in order for the Update that's available to be able to be downloaded and installed. I don't have much on this phone, really.
    • Storage and processor speed aside, I'd guess W10M works on a 640 as well as it's going to on any Windows Phone. It's solid.
    Last edited by Daniel B1; 02-13-2016 at 12:24 AM.
    02-13-2016 12:06 AM
  11. slimchap's Avatar
    W10 runs flawlessly on my 640 XL. No lag, crashes, etc. - very smooth for me.

    I can't give good battery status as I'm not on my phone 24/7.
    Windows 10 Mobile also run flawlessly on my L640XL and the battery life is superb.... Believe me I bought a 32GB SD Card just for games. And on my L520 I occasionally get the freezing of screen and unresponsive phone sometimes, but, pulling the battery and inserting it back always fix it.
    02-13-2016 12:18 AM
  12. ML10's Avatar
    Would it (10586.107) operate alright without a hard reset from 8.1?
    02-15-2016 07:03 PM
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