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    Hiya all. How goes it? Just wanted to see if anyone knows how to occasionally ignore those bolded word suggestions in the W10M keyboard? For example, if I want to type "awesomee" with two "e"s, after typing it, the first word suggestion (autocorrect) is "awesome" in bold font. In WP8, I can just tap the end of the word (in the text box I was typing in, not anywhere on the keyboard), and keep typing without it autocorrecting (i.e. ignore the autocorrect). Now in W10M, there is no way to ignore an autocorrect word/bolded word suggestions. It is beyond annoying having to let it autocorrect, and then go back to the word to change it back. I've tried tapping around, using the scroll/cursor trackball... nothing can stop the autocorrect help!!!

    Overall, the keyboard is on par with WP8 but this missing feature has been bugging me to no end.
    02-22-2016 03:02 PM

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