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    Thinking of getting on Insider Builds on my Lumia 620 (2 cores, 512MB ram) and not waiting for official rollout, because of no other reason than how Skype works (or does not) on 8.1:
    To load it, I must close all other apps first, if not, the phone repeatedly returns to the start screen after launching it. Even after closing all apps, It can take 2-3-4 tries to open successfuly. It takes ages to load, and is very slow on navigation, typing and everything you try to do inside the app. And then you cannot use anything else on the phone, without having the same problem loading it again.

    So the question is, does Messaging with Skype integration work better on 512MB devices on 10 Mobile?

    It's frustrating because everything else works fine on the phone, only Microsoft's crap Skype app has this problem. And I use it a lot. And the 620 is on the third wave for upgrading to 10.

    Missing WP7 messaging with facebook messenger + msn integration... that was working beautifuly.
    02-24-2016 06:11 AM

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