06-04-2016 05:30 AM
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  1. vladurash's Avatar
    Go into store, search Outlook and install, many people resolved that
    I don't have install option in store. It specify that is already installed. I have no option to update. I tried to change screen resolution and still did not appear in the list of updates.
    I rebooted my phone twice in last hour, still nothing resolved.
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    03-11-2016 02:53 AM
  2. Yanze's Avatar
    Same issue here, after searching in the Store for Outlook there isn't an 'update' option. It just says it's already installed.
    03-11-2016 04:36 AM
  3. FlSteve's Avatar
    Same event with my phone. I had the build released earlier in the week. Worked great for 24hrs, next day Email and Calendar won't open. Reset my Insider back to Fast, found the newest build, installed... everything else works fine. Outlook/Calendar both down. This morning, found this forum, went to App Store... keeps saying Outlook is installed. No option to update. Really don't want to uninstall and have to reconfigure all of my email accounts again. Will wait a little to see is there is a fix. Oh but the kicker is, Live Tile appears to work. Says I have 2 messages. ha...

    Update 1: So I tried seeing if there was another update. No... Just for grins I toggled insider back to 3rd option... bam, found an OS update so pulling that down. Maybe I am behind and that could explain this. Will post results after update.

    Update 2: on most recent build. no change. cal and outlook still broken
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    03-11-2016 06:21 AM
  4. anon(5981118)'s Avatar
    Same thing happened on my 635; I was curious because I hadn't had any mail, so tried opening first Email and then Calendar and they just sat at the start screen, then vanished. They had been working earlier in the day--then stopped. I rebooted a couple of times to no effect, then went to the Store and found the new versions. Now all is well.
    03-11-2016 07:56 AM
  5. vladurash's Avatar
    Ok, you all have updated. But I don't have any new update in pending. I just updated Outlook yesterday....so I don't have another way to update again Outlook.
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    03-11-2016 11:34 AM
  6. Snaffie's Avatar
    What exactly should I try on my phone to try and get Outlook/Calandar to crash after the Windows 10 update this week?
    03-11-2016 05:17 PM
  7. vladurash's Avatar
    I finally ended with hard reset. Now Outlook is working ok.
    03-11-2016 10:57 PM
  8. Yanze's Avatar
    I refuse to do a hard reset to get the email app working, c'mon Microsoft!
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    03-12-2016 09:08 AM
  9. Maurizio Troso's Avatar
    Curious that half of users didn't got problems, and all the remaning.... Phones are more and more same as desktops, barely there's two identical after a lot of use
    03-12-2016 10:24 AM
  10. Beber31430's Avatar
    I allowed calendar outlook to use my position and now outlook mail work again
    03-12-2016 10:55 AM
  11. FlSteve's Avatar
    So I resolved my issue and wanted to share what I did.... Thinking I had buggered up my phone,
    • I attached my phone to my PC and backed up my photos.
    • Next I performed a backup on the phone itself to OneDrive.
    • Lastly I ran the Windows Device Recovery Tool. It found my phone and said I was behind on a firmware update. So I let it perform the update.

    Upon it's reboot, I found I now had a virgin Windows 8.1 phone. (Glad I had backed up) I had to perform several Windows Updates. After the default updates occured, I went to the Windows Insider tool and this time made sure that I only selected "Insider Release Preview" option 3. (I have a 920) A few more reboots and upgrades and I was back up with a fully functioning email icon. WOOT! I am now on
    OS Build 10586.164, and
    Firmware 1425.2001.

    Other than a small panic attack of loosing all of my contacts (until I connected all of my email accounts :) ) the phone is working great.

    One downside is I did lose my texts, so I encourage you to backup any attachments you might have had there. For me, loosing my texts was not a big deal.
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    03-16-2016 08:17 AM
  12. Kumar Sharma3's Avatar
    Go into store, search Outlook and install, many people resolved that
    I didn't find anything to install, having same problem with Outlook mail amd calendar can anyone seriously help. I am from India. 640XL 10X. Yesterday its working fine but from last night crashing one every run
    06-04-2016 05:30 AM
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