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    I've read Dan's news feed, and I am a bit miffed by all of the hate, and vitriol, being thrown around, and some aimed at Dan in the comments.

    Many are, and rightly so, feeling put out by the news. But some people need to take a step back and have a cold shower, and look at things from a different angle.

    I saw a post in comments earlier today. The guy had a 720 and .164 ran really well apart from two things. The phone crashed, and whenever it restarted it took an age to load system apps. How can that be 'running really well'?? It's these issues that have contributed to lack of updates for the legacy devices.

    Legacy devices are, by the very nature of the term, past generation devices. Hardware moves at such an amazing rate these days, that's how Samsung get to release an new Galaxy S every time it rains!! When you add in the absolute fiasco that was windows phone, and these 'older' devices with older hardware, that could impact on user satisfaction, MS are probably correct in narrowing things down a bit. With the reports received in the feedback from users of legacy devices, they obviously saw that these devices were, not so much unable to run 10, but had issues in doing so, thereby affecting the users satisfaction with the OS. MS only had to look on these fine boards to see the amount of criticism aimed at them.

    As I mentioned a comment on Dan comment thread, If I turned up to your business in a taxi where half the cylinders in the engine weren't working, a door or two wouldn't shut properly and the trunk was tied shut with a bungee strap, would you be happy with the service? Would you recommend me to your associates? If win 10 was a pig on your device, would you recommend it?

    This is the first step in MS distancing itself from the old windows phone. It's not nice they way in which older devices are being dropped, but from a business point of view, I can see why. The Xbox backwards compatibility costs a fortune in both time, and money. Maybe 10 could be offered up for all, but at what cost? You've already bought your device, so they can't recoup any costs from there, so why spend the cash and time? Why the 435 etc some may say....although dated, it was a good seller and a recent device. The oddball is the 635. Who let that one happen?? 512mb was always going to be an issue, along with the 4gb devices, and MS said offer a heads up on that one. Maybe those of us in the insider rings were a bit too honest. I loved it on my 1320. 164 runs really well. I guess I'll leave it there. Why don't you guys do the same? Get another few months out of your device before you jump ship, or, heaven forbid get a 650 or 550.

    Again, it isn't to every ones liking, but it had to be done. WP has a bad enough rap as it is without disgruntled users banging on about how 10 ruined their life, or whatever melodramatic fashion they choose. In the end, it is a phone. No one has a right to an upgrade. OS providers only have to issue security and performance patches. Android is the same, although you are lucky if you get an update after 12-18 months, and that's a top end device, not a budget / legacy device! A lot of them come with 4.2.2 or 5.0.1. Some older iPhones struggle with OS updates.

    MS now has a few OEM's come onboard, and I can't see how they could make go of it with development taken up by older devices. Fairly confident they would prefer development aimed at future devices, and their future profits.

    Sorry about the ramble, but that's my, somewhat skewed, ideas on the whole debacle.

    It isn't nice, it feels unfair, you feel anger and abandonment, but at the end of the day, it's business. And you can't run a business on emotion
    03-18-2016 01:23 PM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    03-19-2016 03:54 AM
  3. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    Good post
    Thank you Sir.
    03-19-2016 07:16 AM
  4. mb-dape's Avatar

    "There will be Windows 10 upgrades for all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices :) And we will release new Windows 10 models in the future!"
    - Microsoft
    03-19-2016 07:29 AM
  5. Tushar94's Avatar
    Hope this post helps people grow a brain or half of it.
    03-19-2016 07:34 AM
  6. Mad Cabbie's Avatar

    "There will be Windows 10 upgrades for all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices :) And we will release new Windows 10 models in the future!"
    - Microsoft
    I suspect there would have been a caveat somewhere. The link appears to be broken.

    As suspected, there is a caveat. The MS website goes on about availability being affected by device, manufacturer, carrier and *other factors*. I guess the poor insider feedback would be covered under 'other factors'.

    I do feel for those who feel deserted, but you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs.
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    03-19-2016 08:00 PM

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