1. manookin's Avatar
    The last SD card I had ended up with errors on it. My phone asked me to fix them but never could, and even my computer was unable to do anything with the card. I used it, ignoring the error, but after hitting capacity on my 16 GB card, I decided to get a 32 GB card.

    The same thing is happening with this one. Right now the phone supposedly "Fixes" the issue but then my phone randomly restarts, and I have the same prompts to fix my SD card.

    Is there a known issue with any Builds of Win 10 (I am on the slow ring insider preview) that would cause this? Is it something I downloaded? Could it bd that Samsung Makes terrible Cards (Both the 16 gb and 32 gb were from them).

    Any Help Would Be Appreciated


    04-05-2016 08:53 AM
  2. v535's Avatar
    Are you sure you're using genuine cards from Samsung. Check this link.
    Have you tried plugging your SD card into a PC and do a disk repair using chkdsk /f /x Disk mount label (like D,E etc).
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    04-05-2016 09:02 AM
  3. OldMillXxX's Avatar
    I have same issues on 735 with 8.1. On my 2nd card now, and another manufacturer (1st was Samsung, now SanDisk). This one, too has errors. When the phone, or app crashes, the cards hate that. Sucks.
    04-06-2016 09:17 AM
  4. LeonC1963's Avatar
    So is there a fix to this issue yet, what is the latest information with this problem as mine has just done it too on a new Lumia 640 XL LTE Running Windows 10 mobile it will also not install the latest update which I have posted here

    Download failure while update 950xl - Microsoft Community

    Are these two issues connected in any way?
    06-16-2016 04:31 AM
  5. Conrad Shull's Avatar
    On various fast-ring Windows phones and various sd cards, Win10 ALWAYS "stops" to tell me my card has problems and do I want to fix? (Don't bother saying "yes", it never fixes anything). I click "No" and, what-do-you-know, Win10, after 30 secs or so DOES find all my sd card apps and data and everything is peachy. My guess is the discovery process is not too sharp a detective, and the alert activates (and STOPS everything in its tracks) prematurely. If the alert trigger would wait longer, everything would load fine - eventually
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    07-06-2016 09:05 AM
  6. LeonC1963's Avatar
    Fixed mine by formatting the SD Card ran the Windows recovery tool to put the phone back to factory condition then the latest win 10 update went on with a breeze
    07-06-2016 11:37 AM

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