1. vaji_rj's Avatar
    guys I update my Lumia 535 mobile windows 10. After that I tried to download keyboard in another language. It was downloaded and installed.But after installing came a error code 0x80070020. I tried it many times and result was same. I went to windows care center in our town and they told me to reset my phone and try again.But I can't reset it.so anyone can help me to solve this problem without resetting my phone.
    05-07-2016 10:45 PM
  2. Mad Cabbie's Avatar
    Which version of Windows 10 are you using? If you are on the Insider program, there have been issues with language downloads reported. Not heard of it on the release versions 10586.xxx

    Have you looked up the code??
    05-09-2016 10:21 AM
  3. vaji_rj's Avatar
    my version is 10.0.10586.218.But not insider update.So is there any solution for this version.
    05-14-2016 11:25 PM
  4. Dellboy2012's Avatar
    Same here. I did a reset but it didn't help.
    05-15-2016 04:04 AM

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