1. quotethepigeon's Avatar
    After the windows 10 update to Facebook has there been any word of it making its way to mobile?!? The current app is abysmal lol.... we've had Instagram. Don't let us down!

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    05-22-2016 02:46 PM
  2. Ma Rio's Avatar
    From what I understood, Facebook will make an app for Windows 10 Mobile at some point, and that app will replace the current one developped by Microsoft. When will that happen, I don't know.
    Anyways, I've checked out the Windows 10 Facebook app, and boy-oh-boy does it feel bad for some reason. It feels like a good web-wrapper, and it is a web-wrapper for some things (settings, n stuff). I'd rather keep the current MS-developped app. I only want a transparent tile.
    05-22-2016 06:03 PM

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