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    I have a Lumia 640. Earlier I had successfully upgraded it to WM10 using the Windows Insider app. Used it for a couple of months.

    I want to stress this part - I had successfully upgraded it to Windows 10 Mobile once. The same phone.

    Then one of the subsequent updates broke a couple of things (some apps were greyed out. And the SD card) so I used the Device Recovery Tool and moved back WP8.1.

    But now I'm getting terrible battery life (on WP 8.1), so I tried getting back to WM10 (decided to be on the Slow ring this time) but in Phone Update it's stuck on "Checking For Updates".

    When I use the WDRT to roll back, the tool informs me that the version available on the server is 8.10.15148.160, which is the same as the version on my phone, and also - as per this post - the version which has the "conflict" that doesn't allow this

    So now I'm stuck. I know my phone is upgradeable. Heck, I had upgraded it to WM10 and used it for months, but now it keeps "Checking for updates".

    The phone has been "Checking for Updates" for almost a month now. Sometime when I switch off the WiFi and the Cellular Data and leave it overnight like this, it stops checking for updates. But when if I connect to the Internet and open the Windows Insider app, it starts checking for updates again. To be clear, my phone has been successfully "configured" by the Windows Insider app, the first time after hard-reset - that works. It's just that nothing happens after that - just "Checking for updates".

    What's the way out for phones which come out of the box with OS version higher than 8.10.14226.359, and ARE on the upgrade list released by Microsoft?

    Is there a way I can downgrade to an OS version lower than 8.10.14226.359 (as suggested by Karthik in this post)?

    If not, what else?

    I have already tried:

    Soft Reset (multiple times)
    Hard Reset (four times now)
    Tried SLOW and FAST ring - both. Multiple times.
    Tried changing the region to US and Language to English (US)
    Using WDRT to roll back (twice)
    Uninstalling and re-installing the Windows Insider app

    Tried the method suggested by Karthik in this post.

    Also asked this on Microsoft Forum here.
    05-28-2016 02:09 AM
  2. Maurizio Troso's Avatar
    The first logic think I should do should be when in 8.1 downloding the Update Advisor, so I could got straight to last official Win10 build...
    05-29-2016 04:42 AM

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