08-21-2016 04:19 PM
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    Like some of stated already, it is a matter of staying in the past or moving forward. With Windows phone 8.1 you had unique features that separated Windows phone from iOS or Android. Unfortunately is also kept it separated from it's Windows counterparts on PC's, Tablets, and Xbox. If MSFT didn't have their hands in other aspects of the Windows ecosystem then it would make sense for them to stay where they were with Windows phone. I agree, there are aspects of Windows phone I miss, but when it comes to integration and functionality, Windows 10 is only scratching the surface and it is already a more full functioning system. Updates are more frequent. UWP apps are a game changer with continuum. The reality is this...most iPhone owners don't own other apple products. I have a guy I work with who owns an Xbox, a Surface 3 and an iphone. He told me that he uses MSFT Office, One drive, and skype because of his family overseas, and has recently been interested with trying a Windows mobile device simply because of the integration he sees from my 950XL. That is the carrot the MSFT is using. Not the mobile device itself, but the comfort of transparent functionality between all MSFT devices. He recently tried Groove and loves it because it's compatible on his Xbox One. If you only wanted a Windows mobile device, I can see how someone would prefer Windows phone, however I love where Windows 10 mobile is at right now with updates being sent for both mobile and desktop simultaneously, you can only expect things to get better. Especially when MSFT turns their focus to mobile.
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    08-21-2016 02:28 PM
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    I finally understand why this update is opt and not over the air for 8.1 devices. This feels like a completely different OS in so many ways.

    I love all the new features but it just never feels smooth and polished. There's always something off. Even as I'm typing with the keyboard, it feels slower than it would be in 8.1. I feel like Th2 was really W10 Mobile 1.0 and the anniversary update was W10 Mobile 2.0. Things can only get better to be honest. It'll be interesting to see how the OS will look when it reaches 8.1's level of polish and easily.

    The name change is really important. This is not Windows Phone like we remember it.
    thats the thing, they made it clear they are no longer pursuing form over function(wp) and are now focused on productivity and functionality instead of looks, they reached the conclusion that looks offered no real value, hence we got hamburgers and such things

    you may think they will some day give it some polish after a lot of work and features, but, they may simply keep adding features for the sake of it, until people start complaining and they do their own project butter or something, its a non ending cycle of priority A vs priority B coming to attention from time to time
    08-21-2016 04:19 PM
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