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    Last week i gave my Uncle a old Nokia 530 to try out a smartphone, as he never used one.
    I just set up the basic tiles on the start screen, Phone, SMS, People etc.
    I had just did a hard reset and skipped the Microsoft account setup. Added his contacts via his sim and showed how to make, receive, calls and texts. He got the hang of it after a day or so, Then he wanted to try a News and Weather apps. I used my own Microsoft account to download a few apps.
    Earlier today, i lost all my contacts on my phone (640xl) and i now have all of his contacts. As i was downloading the Anniversary update, i thought i will do a hard reset later. I forgot about the security code that Microsoft sends you Via SMS or email to verify your account to restore from a backup. I only have the phone ATM and could not assess my email or receive a SMS, so skipped this part and got my phone working.
    Is there a way to restore from a backup without doing another hard reset?
    I won't have access to a PC till late tomorrow and need to phone a few people,
    Any ideas.

    Thanks Grim
    08-16-2016 05:48 PM
  2. PGrey's Avatar
    You can't restore, without doing another reset, unfortunately, or at least I've never found a way, and I've done some pretty intensive digging.

    You can get your contacts though, by just logging into your hotmail or similar account, via the web interface.

    The easiest way to finish restoring everything though, is to do the full reset, with access, and let it lay everything back out for you.
    I'd make sure yours and your Uncle's accounts are completely un-linked though, before you do.
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    08-16-2016 08:25 PM

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