1. garisa's Avatar
    Hey, guys! I have four surveillance cameras with a DVR, and I was able to set everything on in app on an Android phone. That app for Windows Mobile doesn't exist, so I've been trying to accomplish the same with third party apps for Windows Mobile, but with no success.

    Does anyone here use some of those surveillance apps on their phone? I would like to know if those third party apps actually work, and assuming that they do - which might be the best? I just want to know if it is possible to bring surveillance to my Lumia.

    Thanks in advance!
    10-11-2016 07:12 AM
  2. daimv's Avatar
    A lot of those have web interfaces, which can be accessed with a browser (like Edge)
    10-11-2016 11:13 AM
  3. garisa's Avatar
    For some reason I can't watch my surveillance cameras on browser, except in Internet Explorer. I think it's because of some add-on. On any other browser i only get the login page without the login firm. :/ Same in Mozilla, same in Chrome, same in Edge on my Lumia.

    I've tried dozens of them today, and IPCam Monitor seems the most promising to me, and it appears that the issue is that I need the correct stream URL.

    Buy the way, it's a TeleEye JN 504 DVR... I've sent them an email asking them for help and for this stream URL. I hope they are going to reply.

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    10-11-2016 01:24 PM
  4. Allen Rhodes's Avatar
    I install camera systems and learned pretty quick, if it's only viewable via IE you need to dump it. Obviously this doesn't help you, but in case anyone is pre purchase. It's 2016. If it can't run on any other browser, it's cheap Chinese garbage. IE is dead, what happens when it's gone for good? If they can't make them work on other browsers now, they won't. Stick with Axis, IPX, or Vivotek. But at this time there aren't any decent apps. Exacq used to have one but, like other apps, it died.
    10-11-2016 10:34 PM
  5. garisa's Avatar
    Yeah, those stuff are pretty bad... Still, there is a way to watch the cameras with a program, I think it's called SureSight, out something like that. They also have their apps for Android and iOS.

    Another thing is that it appears that it even doesn't work with a random PC with IE, but that this SureSight has to be installed too.

    At first a thought "damn, I seem to no be able to do this with Windows Mobile", but this may not have a lot to do with Windows Mobile. I've downloaded about 30 different apps for surveillance, and it appears that I would managed to do this with a third party app. For this reason I feel like I got a DVR and cameras of a "no name" brand (among brands that regard these surveillance devices)?

    Still, should using a third party app for this cause a security concern? I mean, by using these apps one may be giving to somebody else their username, password, IP address, etc...

    EDIT: Now it's too late to ask for replacement, we got this several months ago. Now I only hope that that they will reply to me, and provide me with needed information. They did reply to me before though - back when I got these cameras and DVR skating then for WP app for their DVR, they replied they don't have an app for WP.

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    10-12-2016 02:12 AM

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