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    I received an email on my Outlook desktop app indicating I need to reconnect my Outlook 2016 with Outlook.com. I use my desktop app to access my Outlook.com inbox. I went to my local Microsoft store and was able to start downloading my Outlook.com inbox on my Outlook 2016 desktop app.

    Suddenly, on my Lumia 950XL (OS build: 10.0.15014), I cannot download/sync any emails. Before this email to reconnect with Outlook.com, everything was fine. I delete the Outlook.com account on my email app. I reinstall the Outlook.com account (Manage accounts --> Add account -->Outlook.com. My inbox downloads successfully. BUT, it will not download any new emails moving forward.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Is there a new server address I am suppose to use? The current one is: eas.outlook.com under Outlook sync settings (on phone). And email, calendar, and contacts sync options are all on. Definitely need help on this...

    01-29-2017 03:24 PM
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    Since my Outlook 2016 desktop app is configured as an Microsoft Exchange, the communication between this and Outlook.com is perfect. I setup Outlook app on my Lumia as a Microsoft Exchange inbox as well.

    All my folders sync between my Lumia, Outlook.com, and Outlook 2016 desktop app. THE INBOX on my Lumia does not pull in any new emails strangely. I can take an email in my inbox (either in Outlook.com or Outlook 2016) and move it into a folder. The folder gets automatically updated with the newly moved email when viewing on my Lumia. So again, it is just the inbox which is NOT syncing on my Lumia.

    Any ideas here?
    02-01-2017 11:00 AM

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