05-08-2017 10:42 PM
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    You realize, don't you, that "break" on iOS and Android means something different than it does for WM users? iOS and Android users are accustomed to things just working. "Break" for them could mean some little glitch that a WM user wouldn't even notice.

    When we as WM users say something is broken, it's bad!

    I've been using Facebook on Android for 6 years, and I cannot recall one time it has been broken. I have not had issues with Facebook on WM either, but I am a very light user on WM. I do the heavy lifting on Android or iOS, or desktop with the browser.
    I've seen plenty of apps crash, or plain glitch out unusably on android. Launchers crash on a regular basis. The massive amount of hardware devs are dealing with is part of the issue. Games in particularly because there are so many GPUs.

    Not that I've ever seen facebook crash, but then again, I tend to use the lite version where I can on android because the modern FB app is so bloated. Never crashes for me on my windows tablet, but I suspect that's because it has 4gb of ram. I bet if you ran FB on android with say, 1gb of ram, it would struggle (well android in general struggles with 1 anyway).

    Anyone got an old android device with 512mb of ram? Install the FB app, and tell us, it runs well ;) It won't, it makes a sea cow look slim.
    05-08-2017 10:42 PM
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