04-25-2017 07:42 AM
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  1. to_be_announced's Avatar
    I've yet to leave. But I've been considering it. The only thing I need to avoid leaving is a new phone on my carrier. That's it. I so loathe iOS and Android that I'll take a low end phone at this point. Just something.
    03-22-2017 12:27 PM
  2. Kimmo Toivanen's Avatar
    I have L640 with release preview working as work phone (quite little usage). Currently Skype for Business does not install, older WC app does not install, newer WC app does not open up and weather cannot be set as lock screen background. MS could start by making W10M and Store more reliable.

    After that I could mention Pokémon Go and "the next big game", hamburger menus that can be swiped open and good hardware at decent price, after which we could start talking. But hey, W10M is no more developed for ordinary customers, so I'd say it's "GAME OVER INSERT COIN" for me... Arrow Launcher will do ;)
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    03-22-2017 12:36 PM
  3. smedinghoff's Avatar
    I want to come back so much. There needs to be a compelling device that I feel will be supported for the long haul. The fact that I have to worry about that is concerning, but then again, I guess that's also true for 98% of the Android market.

    And it's the app gap around IoT. I'm trying to build a smart home and while I know there are alternative apps to Nest that work on WP, not having the native app there or for my garage door, or even just Wink so I can control things from one spot.

    And Google. While I'm not as heavily invested in Google as some others, having support for Google Photos would be nice. Unlimited full resolution uploads from my Pixel is quite nice.

    Snapchat would be nice, but its rarely used by the folks I interact with, so its not make or break for me.

    I've got most of what I care about otherwise.
    Bank of America
    Facebook, Messenger, Instagram
    A few casual games I play like Subway Surfers and Candy Crush.

    Also, if Microsoft could get their whole messaging anywhere Skype crap figured out, they could actually compete with iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Just make Skype work like iMessage if you have a Windows phone or an Android. I don't see why they haven't done that yet.

    I love the UI of WP, I love the dark theme, and I hate that I'm blinded by my work iPhone and personal Pixel anytime I turn my phone on in bed. I loved how dim I could make the display on my Lumia 928.

    I'm always ready to give Windows Phone another chance. I just want to feel like Microsoft is really going to make the push necessary to sustain the platform in the market as a real 3rd choice. As always, I feel like the next big thing to make the platform competitive is always just around the corner.
    03-22-2017 12:40 PM
  4. Pallav Chakraborty's Avatar
    Until there are phones available and my current phones keep working, I see no reason to jum the ship.
    03-22-2017 12:44 PM
  5. meattray's Avatar
    Definitely love the die hard fans we have here. The more and more I read has me considering getting a higher end windows 10 phone to fully experience it all.

    Very cool responses.
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    03-22-2017 12:52 PM
  6. nblew's Avatar
    After a Windows Mobile and Windows Phone user for 13 years (I grew up with them), I bailed and got a Pixel XL. So far I am very happy with it, minus some key WP features that are missing.

    The reason why I switched was partly because of the app gap, but primarily because I am tired of Microsoft putting WP under the bus and left behind. I kept getting promised more dedication to the platform and better phones. But arguably after the 1520, the phones went downhill as well as Microsoft's support and "engagement" with their WP platform. First party apps aren't making their way to the platform anymore and a lot of them are leaving. Not to mention the mass increase in app crashes since summer.

    I loved my WP and I loved the hardware (especially camera) on my phone. My pixel (supposedly the best camera on a smartphone.. ha) does terrible at night photos and flash is useless. My non-techy girlfriend said she liked by 950's camera better. But software and app wise, I am quite happy with my Pixel for now. I hope one day I can come back though. I love the platform.
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    03-22-2017 12:55 PM
  7. Tushar Raj's Avatar
    Indian Bank..?? Dude it has many mobile banking apps for Windows10...
    I'm using 950XL.. and State Bank Freedom, Axis Mobile, HDFC Bank, Baroda M-Connect(Bank of Baroda), iMobile (ICICI bank), CentMobile(Central Bank of India) and many more have apps for WP...

    Yes, there may be some performance glitches... but for SBI, BOB, CBI; it works very well on my L950XL, no problem, no crashes and same as their Android & iOS counterparts... :)

    And I prefer to use Windows as it is more secure than the Androids.. :)
    Never ever gonna use the Android for banking purpose.. (>_<)

    MSOffice Suite works very fast and fluidic, better than Android & iOS...

    Groove Music simply best... no other app could replace that... even better that it's iOS counterpart.. :P

    Core apps of Windows provides a lot more features than any other OS...

    and yes I'll be always be there on Windows Mobile Platform...(just because it provides the better experience than the Androids & iOS as not suffering battery drainage, ****ty vibration due to an popup while browsing and gets my work done in style....)

    And yes MS did screwed up...but they are again rebuilding that and make it best like never before...

    03-22-2017 12:58 PM
  8. Phillip Tshabalala1's Avatar
    You are spot on, I love Windows phone OS. Thin devices were rare though last year and no OEM DLNA apps from Yamaha (amp) & LG (TV). I can't wait to come back home hence I'm always reading WP Central. Android has many thin devices with plethora of apps but most I use were available except mentioned apps when I deserted the ship last year.
    03-22-2017 12:58 PM
  9. brunoadduarte's Avatar
    I would come back in a heart beat. But I have a few problems keeping me from coming back:

    1) I am a victim of the "app gap". I'm Portuguese, my country is small and most companies (hell, most of our people) are not tech savvy. Which means that apps for services I use/need are focused only on iOS and Android and sometimes, quality isn't great unless it's a really big company. There are also apps and games from international devs/companies that I use that are simply not available in WP (I'll call it WP for the sake of simplicity, please know that I mean Windows 10). And WP apps are just... Lackluster... Devs don't bet on support nor the design language. A lot of apps in the store look and feel ugly;

    2) No 4x3 T9 keyboard. Most people don't use/care about this, but the least MS could do in this regard is offer one as an option. A lot of Android phones have it, along with 3rd party apps and there are apps for these keyboards for the iPhone. And I know the feedback app had at least 3 or 4 threads asking for this. This is a make or break feature for me;

    3) The design of the phones. I owned two Lumias, the 820 and the 830. The 830 is for me, the better looking WP device ever released, followed closely, by the Lumia 800. All others are just too bulky, too heavy, too "bezeled". Not to mention the cheap materials used on some. Also, there isn't a single compact high-end model (another make or break feature for me).

    4) Sound quality. I hear a LOT of music. Sound quality through headphones on WP is average at best even on higher-end models. The only outlier to this is the HTC One M8, which shares its sound quality with its Android sibling.

    5) The retrenching. It's taking too long, it got boring and I'm tired of seeing cool devices being released for Windows 10, but nothing for Mobile. Windows 10 is proven to work, yet it's still getting priority over what really needs some love and care (or at least, seems that way). They could ease up on W10 and focus a bit more on Mobile. Also, the keeping-us-in-the-dark-for-so-long thing, may very well back fire if whatever they're cooking up ends up being released at a point where no one cares any more.

    However, I still miss WP:

    - I loved the ease of sharing content and information between my PC and my phone;
    - I loved the design parity;
    - I loved most of MSs stock apps;
    - I loved the productivity focus and the entertainment potential (more consumer devices needed, going corporate only will have WP being another BB IMO).
    - I loved the keyboard. Like I said, 4x3 t9 is make or break for me, but I always change to QWERTY for longer typing sessions and tapping away on the W10 keyboard was awesome (I don't swipe, never did, never will) and the best experience I ever had on any mobile QWERTY keyboard;
    - I loved the look of the system. It's slick, smooth and modern. I just wish we had a full colour palette to chose the tile colour.

    That being said I WILL come back. Not yet, but I will.
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    03-22-2017 12:58 PM
  10. Tunde Fajimi's Avatar
    Windows Phone... I'm on my Lumia 630. Previously on a 720. Windows 8.1 I know but its fluid and relatively stable. And I love that I don't have to deal with hamburgers 🍔 (enough of that on Windows for desktop).

    I came to Windows Phone from a Blackberry Curve 3G after eagerly slurping every bit of news and the "Smoked by Windows Phone" videos, and Nokia's aggressive marketing and unique design. Their ads were right on point (took Surface some time to get that right), and the hardware was different and compelling.

    That said, Windows Phone/Mobile is really on the fringes and only true die-hard fans remain committed to it.

    What do we love about it? 1. The OS just makes so much sense to navigate and change (I work in IT so I've set up Android and iOS devices severally and am not overly impressed with them). 2. The Live Tiles is an inspired concept unmatched elsewhere. It only needs to evolve naturally (which MS didn't allow in their effort to win devs and users - with little results IMO). 3. MS has all the services you'd ever need. 4. Plain * belief* that Microsoft has the raw potential to change everything in personal computing for the better.

    Like many have said though, I am gradually coming to a belief that MS doesn't really support Windows on a phone (Jason's term) internally and are only trying to phase it out gradually. Like they believe that boat has sailed.

    Microsoft is really going into alternative use experiences (Band anyone?) and you notice their ads feature less of the traditional smartphone interface, offering instead visions of voice-activated or projection (AR/VR/MR) interfaces; devices with foldable screens (not traditional). It's very hard though (impossible?), to design an interface that beautifully caters to the whole spectrum of use cases and hardware.
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    03-22-2017 01:00 PM
  11. Albatross2's Avatar
    I used all three and had settled on Windows in WP7 and WP8 days. I bought a new Lumia 950 at launch to get early access to Win10Mobile. The app gap started bothering me more and more with an outdated and barely functional version of Waze on Win and no access to mobile banking apps for most of us. Apps for my local sports teams were released for Android and IOS but not Win. I finally decided to head over to Android (I will never again use IOS). I bought a Nexus 5x which is almost identical hardware to my 950.

    I still don't like Android as well as Win10Mobile, but I do love having all the apps I need.

    I would come back if some revolution would likely bring apps to the Win platform, but I don't see that on the horizon yet.
    03-22-2017 01:01 PM
  12. Erik Read's Avatar
    Started on the 720, got screwed when WM 8 or 7.5 came around. Went to the 920 and then the 1020. Got screwed on going to W10. Went back to iOS and recently moved to a Pixel XL. The thing that attracted me to Windows Phone in the first place was being able to do everything I wanted in a single place (People Hub) and they took that away. Eventually WM was dumbed down to iOS/Android functionality with some tiles that give me a little more info. It's not that different from iOS/Android but they have ALL the apps. Even the apps from MS are better on the other platforms.
    To get me to come back they would have to do something really way ahead of the curve. Win32 apps would probably do it. Otherwise I think I'll stay away.
    03-22-2017 01:07 PM
  13. GothardJ2's Avatar
    I have used all OS platforms except for BlackBerry and Symbian. Windows is by far my favorite. I'm over the "app gap" and over Snapchat and Pokémon Go. For the most part all of the apps I need are there.

    The only thing I wish that we would get back is the Chase mobile banking app. I keep hoping that a UWP will come out once they support the wallet, but I don't believe it will ever happen.
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    03-22-2017 01:09 PM
  14. jasqid's Avatar
    I've got TMO. Moved away from VZW Jan 2016 and the only phones they had "worth it" IMO was iphones. So I took advantage of the 4 lines for $120 Deal and ordered 4 apples. Wife and daughters were all ******** about the app gap (Thanks Snap Chat). John paid off my ETFs with VZW. It was a good move.

    I sat and waited for TMO to get a worth WP. Got the Alcatel 4s upon its launch. Now I play sim swap depending on my mood and needs. (As of right now my sim is in my 6s+ for the last week).

    Not going to lie. App Gap hurts. And like mentioned above regarding the majors such as Twitter, FB etc.... the iPhone Facebook app doesn't crash upon launch. My alcatel its a 50/50 chance of watching it freeze and crash. Twitter is missing the tweet subscriptions/notifications. DirecTV is missing on windows as well as my bank and I just got a Vizio E65... you have to set it up with their app!? If I only had a WP I would not have been able to do it through their vcast app. It just doesn't exist.

    I've seen others mention app quality between the ecos... I notice it now. Little things like the XBOX app. Controlling my XBO with the iOS version is more polished. I use the remote features to control not just the box but my Genie HR44 receiver too. When using it on the alcatel the response is off. Its very noticeable using the swiping to navigate. It ends up being the little things and I think many of you that use multiple devices feel it too and know what I mean.
    03-22-2017 01:14 PM
  15. chrysmon's Avatar
    I'm using Windows phone since before the Amber update, on Lumia 820. That time I was desperate to switch from Android and iPhone was even worse for me than Android. That switch was really difficult, but I never turned back.

    Every platform has pros and cons. Using any platform there is always the temptation to change, because you count only the (theoretical) pros. Then you face the cons and think before was better. For us, the Windows Phone users, there is no doubt this is the best platform. The only reason to change is some serious application(s) not supported.
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    03-22-2017 01:18 PM
  16. garak0410's Avatar
    When it was confirmed that Verizon wouldn't get the Lumia 950xl, that was it for me. Nothing can bring me back now because I can't get good hardware anymore. The 735 doesn't cut it and really, we all need to be honest here. The state of Windows Phone is critical now. It isn't going anywhere and I am taking a wait and see approach. If somehow they bounce back (hardware and apps), I'd gladly return.
    03-22-2017 01:35 PM
  17. NutmegState's Avatar
    IMHO, MS gave up some time ago. The App Gap is huge and I am being forced to use some company Apps for work and those simply will never exit on WP. For example, my company has a deal with Lfyt but I only have the ancient Uber app on WP.

    Having used iOS and Android I hate them both compared to WP, but they have the Apps and the support. I finally broke down and purchased an Android. I hate it but that is what I need so that is what I use.

    IMHO, the Surface phone is a myth. Even if it the greatest thing in the world like the Zune was better than other MP3 players, it is far too late. There is no more mind share which means no developers which means few customers which means it will fail.
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    03-22-2017 01:36 PM
  18. garak0410's Avatar
    IMHO, MS gave up some time ago. The App Gap is huge and I am being forced to use some company Apps for work and those simply will never exit on WP. For example, my company has a deal with Lfyt but I only have the ancient Uber app on WP.

    Having used iOS and Android I hate them both compared to WP, but they have the Apps and the support. I finally broke down and purchased an Android. I hate it but that is what I need so that is what I use.

    IMHO, the Surface phone is a myth. Even if it the greatest thing in the world like the Zune was better than other MP3 players, it is far too late. There is no more mind share which means no developers which means few customers which means it will fail.
    Agreed. The App Gap is something we can't live in denial about. Heck, even my favorite apps on Windows Phone are gone now (or rendered useless), like Socl and Blink. Loved those because they were so unique.

    I can't imagine a Surface Phone now. And even if it comes to fruition, it will be so fringe that it will just be a footnote. I love my Surface Book but come on, it isn't selling. The Surface Studio is amazing and would love it as my home PC. But just too expensive.

    As a Microsoft enthusiast, I've just been burned too many times. At this time, I am in a true flux and have't really settled. Mostly Microsoft but also a lot of Amazon and Android ecosystem and I may even go iOS for Mobile as I do tire of Android quirks. I do like Android but the reliability issues are taking a toll on me.
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    03-22-2017 01:41 PM
  19. Ratindra Sharma's Avatar
    Yes there is some app gap for WP users. I'm using Lumia 950xl. Edge best replacement for missing app. I've flipkart app but I usually take it in edge, the response time is better than app. Edge can bridge the app gap for some app.

    Still, we need to compromise for some app. Otherwise nobody can convince WP lovers to any other platform.

    I do the same use edge for Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra and pin them on the start screen. Most of the banking apps are there, however I really want a mid range phone with better memory 32 or 64 gb. W10M is good and my L640 still beats few of the exotic Android phones. Hopefully MS comes with some options to buy a phone.
    MS really needs better marketing for it Mobile division to highlight the uniqueness and usability over others.:)
    03-22-2017 01:50 PM
  20. Lothar the Carpathian's Avatar
    I'm one of those people who still uses WP because I prefer it, but have come to the realization that I'm making too many app-related sacrifices as a result of it. For that reason my plan is to keep my Lumia 950 as a hobbyist, but switch to an Android for phone/app functions. I don't think we need to see this as an OR situation. My wife provides an example: She has two iPads and loves her iPhone, but when she went back to school she wanted to take digital notes with a pen and decided a Surface Pro 4 was the best choice. She still has her iPads, but Surface is the best tool for her school work. Several months later she is in love with it, claiming the SP4 is the best device she has ever used, and would need to be taken from her cold dead hands (expression). It has nothing to do with apps--the SP4 is the best tool for a certain job. That needs to be the same for WP. If it's truly the best at something that matters, it could become an AND to people already invested in other operating systems. That's the bridge.
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    03-22-2017 01:56 PM
  21. ScubaDog's Avatar
    I've been with Microsoft mobile devices since the PocketPC (iPAQ 3630). Although I was first in line in our area to buy the Samsung Focus when it came out, I jumped to the Lumia 900 as soon as a I saw it. Beautiful design, solid and hefty build (unlike every other light and thin piece of garbage others were making). The 920 followed, and it was even better than the 900 (I still have the 920, although I don't use it). But the 1020 came out and I absolutely loved its design and that awesome camera. Windows Phone 8 is and always will be my favorite. The 1020 is still my daily driver, although I do have a 950 (biggest waste of $600 I ever made) to keep up on W10M developments. Even though I really hate W10 compared to W8, it's still better as far as I'm concerned than anything Apple or Android comes out with. I haven't experienced the app gap. I have the apps I want or access to mobile websites of everything. The only thing I miss is the HERE suite. It sickens me that Microsoft didn't acquire and maintain those apps, which are far and away better than any of the Maps, etc., garbage Microsoft has put out. They are part of the reason I'm still using my 1020. I realize at some point my 1020 will stop taking a charge and I'll be stuck with the 950 and W10. But I am not about to switch to an iPhone or Android device.
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    03-22-2017 02:00 PM
  22. treiz's Avatar
    I have never left, never wanted to leave. I've used Blackberry, Iphone, Android, WebOS, and after I picked up my first Windows Phone 7 device I have never looked back. I don't use apps apart from a game or two and package tracker, though that last one is no more and that REALLY hurts. I also used the Microsoft Band, and now that Microsoft no longer offers it I went back to my Casio. There are no other smart watches that I'm interested in, not even close. Much the same there are no other phones that I am interested in. If Windows on phones comes to an end I will probably just go back to a small bar phone and buy a small Windows tablet. >.>
    03-22-2017 02:13 PM
  23. dameon_03's Avatar
    i can see myself coming back to winphone. i had a 920 and loved it. Could not get a hold of a 1520 or i might still be with them. i wanted a large screen phone and ended up with a note 3. i keep tabs on windows phone to see how it is developing. i am hoping that it does get better. i bounced between android and windows phone. I really love windows phone and hope i can return some day.
    03-22-2017 02:20 PM
  24. Axmantim's Avatar
    I am a long time WP user, have used many lumias.
    But due to 'app gap' and some other issues, i changed ships.
    As of now, i have an Iphone 6 from work, a One plus 3 as personal daily driver AND a 640 XL which i use occasionally when i get all nostalgic about WP

    To tell you guys the truth
    # Iphone is good when it comes to stability, apps, restoring from backups etc - but i always feel it is an overpriced phone with less user controls. It feels like a toy :P
    # One plus 3- very good camera, real fast charging but what puts me off is occasional heating up issues, battery drains real fast, hangs/freezes and occasional unexplained reboots. Is short, i cannot count on this device. Battery may drain unexpectedly, etc..
    # Lumia 640XL - love the UI, the plastic feel :P ( i hate metallic feel of the phones), very good camera, OS fluidity.. Occasional lags, app crashes are common but not show stoppers. I feel its real value for money **If you don't have issues with App gap**

    To Sum up, i love WP, have always loved it. BUT MS screwed it up :(
    App gap can get frustrating sometimes.
    I am not a big fan of apps. I mostly use twitter, mails, whatsapp, maps etc. All these seem to work well. BUT some apps like uber, banking apps ( Indian banks) and MS office seems to suck real bad !!!

    ** If MS "could" close the app gap for critical apps, spend some bucks on marketing, i believe WP can bring IOS and Android to their knees**

    Is it just me or you folks too get the same feeling or dumping IOS/android and moving back to "home" ;)
    What do you guys think? Please share views and opinions..
    Yes, I freaking hate android. I would go back to Windows Mobile if the wearable compatibility was increased and just a few more apps. I'd even be willing to pay like a buck or two for apps that are normally free on other platforms. That's how much I hate android.
    03-22-2017 02:23 PM
  25. kevin sinsimer's Avatar
    I switched over to an iPhone 6S Plus because, upon switching carriers, I had realized I would have to have a Windows 10 Mobile phone that was already unlocked. I was previously using a Nokia Lumia Icon, the one that is limited to Verizon. If I could go back, which I'm waiting for that moment where the beam of light shines down, it would be for two main reasons: one, the app gap, which is mostly everyone's argument, of which I am part of - but the other reason would be hardware; while the HP Elite x3 was impressive, I would much rather buy a Microsoft phone. The last Lumias were only somewhat impressive when they were first released, but now are already outdated. My Nokia Lumia Icon runs Windows 10 really well, but I would like some hardware that is both powerful and contains a minimal, but showstopping, design. A flagship that we deserve.
    03-22-2017 02:29 PM
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