01-31-2018 02:34 AM
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  1. Long Syntax's Avatar
    No, I don't think they're giving "Maximum Effort"
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    03-30-2017 11:16 AM
  2. rollindice's Avatar
    So does this mean that if persons with S8 or S8+ got issues with they are Android phones that they can carry to Microsoft store and have it repaired? I guess that could only happen under the Nutella's Watch
    03-30-2017 11:23 AM
  3. khaled22's Avatar
    They listen and adapt to everything else except phones
    03-30-2017 11:25 AM
  4. Dizzymash's Avatar
    They have a strange way of showing it if they are.
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    03-30-2017 11:42 AM
  5. sasivarnan's Avatar
    Lumia 640 XL user here.
    The only reason I am not making a switch to Android is, I don't know what to do with my existing mobile.
    Please provide a OFFICIAL way to dual boot with windows 10 mobile and android.
    03-30-2017 12:00 PM
  6. Tunde Fajimi's Avatar
    Last year Microsoft said that they will focus on Mobile in future and they didn't focus on Mobile that time. But they still continued this till Creators Update where it was supposed to be focused for Mobile. Also apps like Paint 3D, Windows Inking and other features that are available for Desktop and not for Mobile simply shows that they are not interested in Windows 10 Mobile.

    And Microsoft using the Samsung Galaxy S8 to for their services shows that they will slowly....very slowly.....and steadily kill Windows 10 Mobile. And we, Windows Phone users will be left behind.
    The lesson I'm learning here is not to invest my valuable emotional energy into fantasizing about what could be, and the potential of Windows on phone (or even Windows in general).

    Microsoft can kill this platform anytime without warning, and life is too short to be broken-hearted and frustrated by the twists and turns of the business decisions of a company.

    That said, Windows still has the best potential UI, just failed to organically evolve it, and lost faith in the platform for themselves.
    03-30-2017 12:23 PM
  7. Nitish_KSharma's Avatar
    The fun part is MS stocks are soaring since morning. Microsoft stocks are trading at highest ever.
    So, definitely they don't care. :/
    This is corporate America. All Windows Insider and BS is a joke. They don't care about anything.
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    03-30-2017 12:58 PM
  8. hometoy's Avatar
    Instead of wringing hands and saying "they don't listen to us", we should band together, get vocal and bring the message to as high as possible.

    Anybody know or have an idea who/where to start?

    Flood the feedback hub?

    Post on all social media outlets possible?

    Call somebody in Microsoft?

    I mean, don't be a troll or jerk, but the more vocal and visible, the greater presence portrayed. Making suggestions, talking up the platform, building applications and just getting out there will help more than complaining about the dying platform.

    Question is, does anybody know where to go or who to talk to?
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    03-30-2017 12:59 PM
  9. faisalbaba's Avatar
    They are listening before anniversary update after anniversary update they become deaf

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    03-30-2017 01:11 PM
  10. editguy's Avatar
    I will have a Windows phone for as long as the hardware and software are available. But, as a long time supporter, I'm beginning to wonder if they're just waiting for everyone to give up and move to Android or iOS so that they have an excuse to abandon development. A Windows version of the S8 would convince me otherwise. As in all things, time will tell.
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    03-30-2017 01:34 PM
  11. Sick Freak's Avatar
    What's sad is that many places I go, people see my Windows Phone and they're SHOCKED that there's such a thing as a Windows Phone. Most people have absolutely no clue there is such a thing. If people actually knew about them, I think that would help drive more people to the Windows Phone platform. Now, we just need to get more UWP apps.

    I worked for Microsoft for a decade and was very disappointed with the lack of knowledge about Windows Mobile/Phones. I brought it up multiple times, but nobody seemed to care.
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    03-30-2017 02:07 PM
  12. Scott Pisciotta's Avatar
    Can you imaging the WP mobile development offices. There are probably 2 developers and 1 QA analyst over there. Ghost TOWN
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    03-30-2017 02:08 PM
  13. sinime's Avatar
    They don't care. There's not many phones available and they aren't even promoting the OS. The creators update didn't even update much of anything on Mobile. We've been asking for landscape home screen for years and still nothing...doubt if they even care much anymore now they are selling android galaxy phones in their stores
    I thought I read somewhere, that redstone 2 was more targeted towards PC and under the hood pulling the mobile version closer to the PC version... And that redstone 3 was going to target mobile more?
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    03-30-2017 02:13 PM
  14. Sedp23's Avatar
    I thought I read somewhere, that redstone 2 was more targeted towards PC and under the hood pulling the mobile version closer to the PC version... And that redstone 3 was going to target mobile more?
    There was a rumor that Redstone was supposed to focus on Mobile and 2017 was supposed to be Microsofts return from retrenchment but nothing has happened....im just tired of all the rumors especially the surface phone rumor..

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    03-30-2017 02:22 PM
  15. RayWP7's Avatar
    Oh, wow. I don't accept the "woe is me" line of thinking I'm reading here. Of course they are listening. But, they are a business and businesses have to prioritize things. W10 Mobile is an important part of their Windows (*ahem* Microsoft) everywhere strategy. The thing is... Satya has mentioned on many occasions that he wants to do for mobility what Surface did for (mobile) computing. If they are considering different hybrid devices, form factors, etc, W10 Mobile might need to evolve with that with that vision. They need to do something to correct their absence from the mobile space but they want to do something that, in their eyes, is monumental or significant enough for them. I accept that idea and endeavor. As a long time Windows Phone/Mobile user, I too waited patiently for new device after new device. Buying each and everyone (for either me or my family)! I sold it to friends. I sold it to coworkers. But, now that Microsoft is in (another) realignment phase, I think it is time people also step back and reconsider their positions. I did. I decided now was the time for me to try out the competing platforms. Android was a bust. I returned my Samsung S7 after a week. No explosions. I just really didn't want to deal with the quagmire of insanity. I wanted my experience to match my W10M experience. Wrong thing to expect. Then, after about 10 years, I tried out an iPhone 7. On the one hand, I was pleased to have access to apps that I didn't have on W10M. Namely: my home automation and banking apps. But I was equally surprised that the OS itself hasn't changed *much* from when I left it. That is a pro and con. Pro: no learning curve, Con: well... boring. Notification center? OMG. But here I am using my iPhone 7 thinking the best and most important feature *to me* is Apple Wallet and iPay. It is SO much faster than chip card transactions for retailers that have both. Will I return to Microsoft? If and only if they return to the consumer space. Do I expect that to happen? Of course. I am a heavy Microsoft ecosystem user and I love it. Microsoft Surfaces (RT, 3, 3Pro, 4), keyboards, laptops, and gaming desktops. Office. Hell, I am a SQL Server database administrator by profession. What's not to love? For me, I think taking a break from the installs/reinstalls/testing and waiting on the edge for the next best thing for W10M is long over due. People shouldn't stress... Microsoft and W10 Mobile isn't going anywhere in the long run even if in the short term it seems they are.
    03-30-2017 02:30 PM
  16. Nokia5110's Avatar
    If I cannot use contacts on my sim without going to la la land then they maybe listening, however I doubt it. Been toiling.
    03-30-2017 03:08 PM
  17. ITmanagerNC's Avatar
    My original post was a response to me having to go though the 4 OS updates on my 1520 to get back to where I wanted to be BECAUSE I'm an insider. Microsoft wants us to help, it would take very little effort to make our lives a lot easier.

    I agree that Microsoft has to do what is financially sound in many other areas but Insiders are the passionate people with ideas.
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    03-30-2017 03:09 PM
  18. meattray's Avatar
    My original post was a response to me having to go though the 4 OS updates on my 1520 to get back to where I wanted to be BECAUSE I'm an insider. Microsoft wants us to help, it would take very little effort to make our lives a lot easier.

    I agree that Microsoft has to do what is financially sound in many other areas but Insiders are the passionate people with ideas.
    Yeah I strongly agree with this. They have not made it simple at all to go back to production builds or other things. It should be an extremely simple step that anybody can do even without much technical knowledge.
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    03-30-2017 03:13 PM
  19. TgeekB's Avatar
    I'd agree in that while there aren't any new devices directly from then they are consistently updating the software. That's a plus I'm itself. It at least allows your older hardware to still run some newer programs.

    Hopefully things will clear up over the next while with their full plans.
    Agreed. I'm not emotionally tied to a platform like some people are, so I am able to enjoy the constant updates and use the platform for my needs. If it ever gets to where I don't like it, ill leave for something else. Don't see that happening any time soon.

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    03-30-2017 04:05 PM
  20. Efjay D's Avatar
    I don't think Microsoft can do anything. They provided the phones and the tools for developers, it did well in countries like mine, but the focus continually was on the US and a domestic lack of apps. They can't force carriers to carry them, they can't force companies/services/banks to make the apps. The US is too locked into Google and Apple. Then you have the 'fans' constantly wanting the impossible. People demanding a flagship when the OS wasn't ready, when they caved and released flagships, people complained, they complained at the coloured shells, the black and white shells, the lack of a metal edge etc. Then another group constantly asking over and over what Microsofts strategy is, they'd spell it out in simple English yet the question was repeated over and over and over and over. Then others wanting this mythical Surface Phone, the solution to all woes, then others saying switch to Android - yup, how's that working for Blackberry? And all the while as everyone plays this great tug-of-war with Microsoft trying to please everyone but utterly failing, the critics, the media and even the fans are wailing about Doom! and the death of the platform. Every Windows Phone forum, discussion group etc has the same stuff over and over "Are they listening?" "What's the strategy?" "Where's the Surface Phone?" and "Windows Phone is dead!".

    Microsoft are damned if they do, damned if they don't. I sold my 950 for a cheap Android phone because I got sick of the whole thing, I HATE Android and iOS in equal measure. I am desperate for another Windows phone but I think this Samsung thing is not a good sign for consumers.
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    03-30-2017 06:47 PM
  21. sd4f's Avatar
    I think that what MS is doing is probably the smart thing in terms of a business. One of google's strengths has been that for a long time, their services and products were device agnostic. They lived in a browser which by and large didn't matter what sort of device accessed it. The only reason they started to move into software and phones was because they needed that sort of clout to make sure others don't maneuver around them and put them into a corner.

    I think MS is just changing strategy and retreating to that sort of agile position, where they just make sure that their products are available to as many users as possible. After all, I don't think they make money from windows phone, so should they care where their users are? There's millions and millions of devices out there, and if people can't use MS' offerings, they'll go to a competitor.

    Now what does this say about windows phones? I get the feeling that a surface phone is completely pointless now. What can it possibly bring to the table that would compel users to adopt it in enough numbers to get users and developers interested?
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    03-30-2017 06:52 PM
  22. mymarcio's Avatar
    My perception is that they don't care enough.
    1) Hardware / Software Problems: Phone once in a blue moon freezes when receiving a text message, most troublesome part is that if sound is on, sound will stay stuck in the middle as well like pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- until rebooted. If set to vibrate, it will just keep vibrating until restarted. There's other issues but the lack of commitment to release firmware updates shocked me. Reboots happen more frequently when using the camera. I envy so much users who state "Mine has been a flawless experience"
    I also use an iPhone occasionally (and their apps also crash, so it's not like I have a flawless experience on other devices either, but the frequency is much smaller.)

    2) They seem to be focusing so much on the next generation of hardware, software that they forget about the present. They have always been a "let's bank on the future" company. They were leading with touch, stylus and other neat features way before their time. When people finally accept them, they move on to the next best thing that the masses don't quite understand or see how they can apply in their lives.

    3) Mobile right now is really easy for them to update and to keep in line with Desktop. It's probably not just as easy as 1 button press but the amount of coding has been reduced and once they are able to get ARM devices, I think they will have a much simpler deployment path and will start focusing on more features then.

    4) They are also not interested in small numbers. After all some of their devices that the fans loved they killed as failures only because it didn't catch on the first year. They don't market well and expect people to have awareness. It takes around 3 years for a business to get traction after being introduced unless of course the device/service is disruptive.

    Right now my phone does everything I need but I think the perception my friends and family get is that the device is less than polish. The reason this happens is also microsoft's fault. The photos/camera aspect should be the one thing they have prioritized in getting right. Their picture quality is amazing, but having to wait for a picture to load in the camera roll for more than 30 seconds or sometimes having to close the app and get back in to refresh it really gives for an amazing demo when everyone asks "let's see!?" Even when pressing on the little square from the camera it will sometimes display "file not found".

    Great way to inspire confidence on people who don't own the product. ;)
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    03-30-2017 07:27 PM
  23. Whodaboss's Avatar
    No Metro design. No Photo Hub! No Me Hub! No Rooms! No Kids Corner! No meaningful Groups! No great Camera! Hamburger menus! Pivots almost gone! I could go on but needless to say they aren't listening to me. And lastly No $14.99 music package where I could keep 10 songs for life! Listening? Was this suppose to be a joke?
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    03-30-2017 08:20 PM
  24. Tankor's Avatar
    They are listening , they will be selling the s8/s8+ with Microsoft customization at their stores soon. Microsoft has finally delivered the surface phone !!!!! 😂
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    03-30-2017 08:33 PM
  25. M Logan X's Avatar
    Judging from the lack of comments here from the faithful, it may be sound the death knell of our beloved phone OS. These baby steps that Microsoft is taking is ridiculous. Getting tired of seeing other phones demonstrating features that we already have but MS fail to advertise to the masses. It's really disappointing for many of us.
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    03-30-2017 08:42 PM
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