04-29-2017 05:27 PM
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  1. svenhassel's Avatar
    I have all the apps (stupid name for software) that I need on my 620 running WP8.1. Ah sorry, FB messenger stopped working on 8.1 last week...

    The problem I face is that I want my next phone to have a fingerprint scanner, and in the Windows Mobile camp, there are only two options, and only the really expensive one (HP X3) is available in Germany.

    On the other hand, I would be reluctant to buy something that is not from MS, because support to W10m devices seems to fade away quickly. I had an Ativ S that never received even 8.1, and the Alcatel Idol 4S seems to have problems with the camera software.

    I would buy an updated 950 with a better processor and a fingerprint scanner, at a reasonable price. I love the Lumia cameras, and a dedicated camera button!
    04-05-2017 10:05 AM
  2. PerfectReign's Avatar
    Maybe there's a future where MS reinvents mobile and developers flock to it and its a big success. I'll be the first to come running back.
    And MS is not throwing in the towel yet. The phone as we currently use it belongs to the Android.

    Dona Sarkar made two interesting tweets yesterday. One discussing a screen less future - https://twitter.com/donasarkar/statu...48901266616321

    The other flatly saying they're not giving up on mobile (sent from her Iphone) - https://twitter.com/donasarkar/statu...04051006431233

    Sent from mTalk
    04-05-2017 10:10 AM
  3. photobriangray's Avatar
    Apps are the reason I now let my 950XL sit lonely. The Nexus 6P has been Microsofted as much as possible with Office, Groove, OneDrive, Outlook, Cortana and Arrow. Happily using bank apps to deposit checks, far better user experience for all the home automation apps, better multitasking and app switching and even making changes to my Yamaha receiver and running my home theater via the Harmony app.

    Sorry, fellow fans. Life is better overall on Android, though I thoroughly miss the W10M OS.
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    04-05-2017 10:34 AM
  4. photobriangray's Avatar
    ...and to all that say they don't need that many apps or have all they need, one quality app experience is all it can take to make your life easier. Little things like an official Sonos app or local news and weather can make a big difference.
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    04-05-2017 10:39 AM
  5. David Puffer's Avatar
    I left Windows Phone about a year ago. And I had plenty of windows phones that I loved but as the app gap and support grew larger, so did my patience. It's a shame really because it had so much promise. I was losing support for apps left and right, lack of game (sounds lame, but it was annoying to me) is what caused me to jump ship. The lack of phone diversity is also what sort of swayed me.
    04-05-2017 11:00 AM
  6. Michael Alan Goff's Avatar
    Lack of apps may be a problem, but so is the quality of the apps that are on the platform.
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    04-05-2017 11:03 AM
  7. officially_juju's Avatar
    Yes, yes, and yes. I love the WP platform as it's unique and smooth. I'm not much a fan of iPhone (because everyone has one) and Android I like but grew tired of as well. I was planning on investing in a 950 but actually chose a BlackBerry Passport over it because I knew I could at least sideload Android applications on it. Every app works on my Passport (including Google Services) except for Snapchat which I don't care for much.
    It's a shame as I really think Microsoft had something going for it with its original UI and ability to run smoothly on almost any hardware.

    Lack of apps may be a problem, but so is the quality of the apps that are on the platform.
    EXACTLY. This is another that really bothered me. The applications it does have are so half-baked and crippled in comparison to those on other platforms.
    Last edited by xandros9; 04-05-2017 at 09:27 PM.
    04-05-2017 11:04 AM
  8. Jochie Van der Merwe's Avatar
    I want all my devices to run on Windows 10 to allow me to have them seamlessly integrated and syncronised with one MS account. I held out as long as possible with my Lumia 640XL. The pro's are: 1. Baked in flash light, 2. superb calculator and timer/alarm/stop watch, 3. fully integrated email, calendar, contacts, 4. Converted to my language Afrikaans, 5. Glance screen, 6. highly customizable start screen with live tiles which mimics my laptop's start screen.

    I don't want to dabble with iOS or Android because I don't want my information to be strewn between at least two accounts.

    But, Win10 on mobile phone devices is now like a stately mansion surrounded by an immaculate garden and a spotless white picket fence and filled with empty rooms with only a tap and a sink in the kitchen, a shower and a toilet in the bathroom and a sleeping bag on a tile floor in the bedroom; that's all. Whereas if you go next door to Android street, you find a quaint house with a garden filled with any imaginable plant and creature from the Namib desert to the Amazon Rain Forrest where you have to navigate your way through before you reach the multi coloured, polka dot front door surrounded by smiling Smurfs on the porch. However, once you find the front door and entered, you find yourself in a house where every room is stuffed with the crème de la crème of home appliances of every imaginable sort. Here you can actually cook up a storm on a top notch German gas hob in the kitchen, or switch on the latest model inverter air conditioners installed in every room or lay in a jacuzzi in the bath room surrounded by Jasmin and Lavender candles and bathing salts. You get the picture.

    Then, just as the home owner in Microsoft street thinks that you can live with a house that looks perfect on the outside and that gives you an address where you can receive mail but not much more, they discover that the the roof actually leaks at some places and the window at the back is broken. But, alas, nobody sells that particular type of roof tiles or window anymore. When you enquire at the store, the store keeper chuckles and treats you like somebody looking for a spare part for an ox wagon and suggest that it is time to start looking at the new slick Mustang with the throaty roar.

    This, in short, is the dilemma with Windows 10 on Mobile phone devices.
    Last edited by Jochie Van der Merwe; 04-05-2017 at 09:38 PM. Reason: Speilling mistakes; confusing descritpion
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    04-05-2017 11:19 AM
  9. carmickle household's Avatar
    I am not in the tech industry but follow MS because I own and believe in the eco-system. I have owned MS phones but being on VZ has forced me to go outside of MS. With this all said, I think i bring a unique view on the situation as I am in industry that is controlled by 10 big players, my company being one of them but the top 2 control over half of the marketshare. I spend my day trying to convince people to come to my platform and what I realized through the years is they need a real reason to make a change beyond it is better.

    To me the issue with WP is a combination of things beyond just apps. This includes branding and no real delineation in what makes WP special. Think about it, people are creatures of habit and why should they change the way they do things if there is nothing wrong with what they do. If i own a iPhone, why should I buy a different phone when I finally need a new phone. The average person doesnt care about the performance specs because it is a foreign language. What they care about is the ability to take pictures, check in on friends, text, make calls and surf the web. If the phone is able to accomplish it in a set price point then they will buy it. This is in my opinion is why phones don't deviate to far from form factor. Look at the new S8, it is the same thing but it is being sold as more screen and better security. To an average person this translate, I see more/bigger so it doesnt hurt my eyes and with so many issues of privacy going around the ability to protect my phone is an added benefit. I get it, it is not big deal with what Samsung has done but it is all in the sale.

    Why apps matter? I should say I hate apps, I don't really use them except the ones like calculator and games but I am an exception and not the rule. My wife is addicted to Apps from FB to AZ. The general public likes apps because of ease of use and the ability to click and go. This goes back to what people want not what people need. People want to be able to access their information on the fly and not log into sites and wait for them to download. Then the website is not formatted to their phone. Now people want ease and a experience as if they were on the web without being on the web

    Finally, marketing part. If you are expecting a third party to sell your product then you have to pay to play. The reason is there is no incentive for that company to sell your product versus your competitors. You need advocates to tell your story because as I mentioned earlier, people are creature of habits and they don't know what they don't know. MS believed that because they were different and cool that people would flock to them problem with that concept is MS thought they were cool while the public thought Apple and Android was cooler.

    Again I am not in the industry but I feel these were a few things that MS got wrong but can change to make them relevant in the eyes of the consumer.
    04-05-2017 11:45 AM
  10. Tim Stone's Avatar
    From the moment I started using my Lumia Icon, I loved it. The photos were great, communication was solid, and messaging flawless. There were a couple of apps missing, and I went to those services and asked them to address the need ... but they didn't. For example, as a realtor, my phone can open lockboxes on iPhone or Android. That's huge. With my Icon, I had to carry a bulky extra device to do that. Originally I had the Chase app on my Icon, which was necessary so I could deposit checks without going to the bank. Then that disappeared. That was a major problem. I also have to monitor my security system remotely, but I can't do it on the Icon. There were more. In the end, there were 5 major apps I needed to have available daily that simply were no longer on the Icon and so I switched to the iPhone. IF we had the apps, I would still be using my Icon or a more current model of a Windows Phone. I much preferred the OS. It's a lot like the Band. I loved the Band 2 but gave it up when it was discontinued. I've had all the competitors but the Band was far and away my preference. The only deficit it had was the strap would wear out and not be replaceable. It's like we are being forced out of what we prefer to use ( devices ) due to our business needs ... very sad in my view.
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    04-05-2017 11:51 AM
  11. ak_r7's Avatar
    App gap is one of the most imp reasons if not the only reason.

    Other reasons ( as per me) are :
    # MS not releasing scheduled upgrades for successful models ( Lumia 1020 for eg or Lumia 950 XL.)
    # Google acting like a D'bag ( won't let MS develop google apps)
    # almost non existent advertisement Since MS took over Nokia
    # Lack of commitment from MS towards WP10
    # No clear strategy regarding the future of WP10, MS not even discussing about it ..

    If i were a developer, i would never put my time/energy/resources in developing app for a platform which seems (kind'a) abandoned by its own parent company.

    It is sad to see the current scenario, MS royally screwed up and KILLED what could have been one of the BEST mobile platforms!!!!

    **Nutella, you will rot in hell !!!**
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    04-05-2017 12:21 PM
  12. rromerof's Avatar
    It is just one and only one app that could make a difference. Giving an example: There is this app called Smart IT for Incident Management that does not exist on Windows, c'mon, Windows phones are not even capable to be enterprise focused devices.

    Windows 10 Mobile is a failure, less than more than 99% of mobile device users cannot be wrong.

    Why should we care for Windows phones when not even Microsoft cares about it.
    04-05-2017 01:16 PM
  13. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    I feel like an outside observer, here. Although I have used a Lumia 521, Lumia 822, and Lumia 950 as my daily drivers in the past.

    I have more overall hands-on experience with Android and iOS.

    And up until a few weeks ago, my mobile OS of choice was BlackBerry 10, which I have used the most over the past few years.

    There are a lot of similarities in the history of BB10 and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile, so reading through all these posts, I can definitely relate to the frustration over lack of apps and general lack of support and interest from the company that makes your favorite mobile OS.

    I'm using an iPhone as my daily driver now and I have committed to use it as such for at least one year without switching (I've had a habit of switching daily drivers every few weeks).

    I moved on from BB10 for many of the same reasons many of you have moved on from Windows Mobile, lack of apps, lack of support, etc.

    My thumbs are still in mourning over the loss of the amazing BlackBerry physical keyboard, but BB10 no longer does most of what I need in a smartphone.

    However, while my main line may stay on my iPhone for the next year, there's no reason I can't pick up a cheap secondary line for tinkering with other devices. And while you might think I'd want to use a BB10 phone on that second line, I'm actually considering Windows 10 Mobile.

    Here's why:

    1. It's not Android. I don't like Android. I don't like the UI. I don't like how it feels. I don't like the ecosystem fragmentation. I don't like Google's data-mining. And I don't like how BlackBerry has tried to put lipstick on that pig by claiming they've made it "private and secure" just to try to keep selling phones. I frankly don't believe those claims.

    2. It gets updates on a regular basis. Don't take this for granted. BB10 will never receive another significant update due to BlackBerry abandoning it. Unless you buy an Android phone from a handful of select OEMs, you may never receive an OTA update. Even then, you are dependent on carriers and OEMs as to when you receive those updates. Google, Nexus, and BlackBerry Android, and maybe phones from 1 or 2 other OEMs receive regular monthly updates. iOS and Windows 10 Mobile receive regular OTA updates as soon as they are released. In a world where OS vulnerabilities are discovered daily, the ability to receive timely patches and updates is very important to me. Plus, I like getting new feature and functionality updates. They extend the useful life of the device.

    3. It's not what everyone else is using. By nature, I am a contrarian and non-conformist. That is not to say that I don't go along with the crowd when I think it makes sense to me. But my default approach to tech (and pretty much everything else) is to not adopt it just because it's popular. Whenever possible, I actually prefer to go against the grain. Call it my way of asserting my independence and individuality. But when I was carrying around a BlackBerry Passport for a couple weeks and people were asking me what the heck that thing was, I enjoyed it. I guess I don't like being another face in the crowd if I can help it. Windows phones get big points from me just for being different than what everyone else is using.

    4. It still has more apps than BB10. Yes, BB10 runs Android apps, but in an antiquated Android 4.3 runtime that will never be updated. If an app drops support for 4.3, you're up a creek. And while BB10 ships with the Amazon App Store, its library for BB10 devices is abysmal. If you feel adventurous enough, there are ways of getting the Google Play store onto BB10. You can even install a patched version of Google Play Services so you can run Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, etc. But you have to manually patch each app using a Windows utility every time it gets an update. Who has time for that? Windows 10 Mobile has more native apps than BB10 and many of them are quite good. And, as I learned with BB10, you can do quite a bit through a mobile browser.

    5. Continuum. I have long dreamed of having "one device to rule them all" - a smartphone-like device that can be docked with a monitor/keyboard/mouse, a tablet, or a laptop to suit all personal computing needs. The HP Elite x3 with its peripherals is probably closest to that ideal. If Microsoft implements the ability to run x86 apps in Continuum, a Windows Phone will become my daily driver and I will probably start using it to drive my work tech setup. I'm underwhelmed by Samsung DeX. Sure, you can run Android apps in windowed mode. But why would I want to run Android apps designed for a touch-based phone UI in a desktop environment? Microsofts Universal App approach is so much better in theory, if not in implementation (yet).

    6. Tiled UI. The ability to pin so many different shortcuts to the home screen from within so many different apps is ridiculously useful. It can save so much time.

    So while the Windows Mobile app gap does exist and is definitely a deterrent to mass adoption, I do think the platform has a lot going for it and I hope Microsoft keeps putting resources into it. It may not seem like much, but it's significant compared to the resources BlackBerry is putting into BB10 (nothing, nada, zilch, zero).

    Chin up, Windows Mobile users and fans. Things may look pretty grim right now, but at least there are still signs of life in your favorite mobile OS. Take it from a BlackBerry 10 refugee.
    04-05-2017 02:00 PM
  14. Mark Fetters's Avatar
    Someone else has probably said this, but for me the issue isn't the app gap; it's the uncertainty regarding WP's future. If I had confidence that MS wasn't going to abandon the platform, I'd be happy to upgrade from my L640 when it inevitably dies. But at this point I have no idea what MS's plans are, and I've fallen prey to platform abandonment twice before (Windows CE and RT). I just saw the article about several WPs not being eligible for the Creator's Update; MS is selling android phones, and MS frequently provides better apps and app updates for android and ios than it does for WP. I don't want to get an Idol 4s or 950 in the next year, only to have MS abandon the whole thing. I like WP, and would much prefer to stay with it. But I don't want be stuck with a dead platform again.
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    04-05-2017 02:07 PM
  15. CrangesMcBasketball's Avatar
    Been with Windows Mobile since the smartphone phase even began with Windows 7, then 7.1 then 8 and finally 10. The last straw for me was when my Lumia 950 XL suddenly had a touch screen issue and MS wouldn't even service it themselves-- they referred me to some offshore company in Germany with terrible reviews on turnaround and overall service. Not even worth my time to play that game. I tried to get it fixed but since nobody has Windows parts, I was quoted at around $300 to get it fixed. Um, no.

    The lack of apps are a factor but the lack of support, reliable updates, devices, and peripherals to pair with it is even larger. Pair that with the fact that many MS apps work better on Android and phone companies are no longer selling Windows Phones ( Not paying $600+ for the HP one) I reluctantly switched to Android until MS gets their **** together.

    I am/was a huge MS fanboy but the way they treat their loyal customer base is sickening. I grew tired of waiting for things to happen that were promised. I am still here, waiting to see if a Surface Phone ever comes to fruition or a MS Band 3 ever appears( Went through 4 in a year) but I won't be holding my breath. I'm no longer going to spend more money to receive less support with no assurance when things go wrong. Nadella must go.
    04-05-2017 02:09 PM
  16. Corey Kramer's Avatar
    I find everything I need to use in the Windows mobile store. If a site doesn't make a app than I just go to the site. I actually hated Microsoft phones before win10. I moved to Surface 4, 950 that I later upgraded to XL and even got a Surface 1 for my 7 year old. Windows 10 parental controls are above all solutions I tried on Android. Now I like that I have all my devices tied to one another. All same accounts and running same things. I also can do a lot more stuff that I would do with Windows mobile on networks and more technical things. I was only a android user for years. owned every nexus up to Nexus 6, Have a huge android library that I used the same things over and over and never really used anything I bought. Gaming on either platform is good but really I would rather game on my PC hooked to a TV. When commuting music, reading and very casual games. I left Android completely after their big disappointment of tablet OS, ( I believe this shows Where the OS will go on a grander scale, To me its a closed Linux) and their failures in improving it. All I thought about was what I couldn't do on Android.
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    04-05-2017 03:27 PM
  17. badMojo69's Avatar
    All I wanted was a Microsoft Smartwatch...not a band...a watch. I don't care about apps. The ones that are there are just fine.
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    04-05-2017 03:59 PM
  18. Awhispersecho's Avatar
    Over the last 4 years or so I have fought tooth and nail on behalf of MS and Windows Phone. I have converted 8-10 people I can think of off the top of my head and I have attempted to convert alot of others. For every single person I have not been able to convince, apps were the only reason, the 1 reason, they would not use Windows Phones. In fact most of them say they wish they could because they already have Windows PC's and it would have been great to have a Windows Phone. But every single 1 of them says it's the lack of apps that keeps them away. Of course, I no longer try to convert anyone because MS doesn't deserve it at this point. But up until 6 months or so ago I tried, and it was always the apps.
    04-05-2017 06:31 PM
  19. Iain_S's Avatar
    The biggest problem has always been Microsoft and their half assed efforts.
    04-05-2017 08:59 PM
  20. jlangner's Avatar
    Lack of yearly flagship phones and APPs caused me and the wife to bail.
    04-05-2017 09:42 PM
  21. TrialUserXP's Avatar
    lack of google apps really bit troublesome for me. that's why i switched to android after my 640xl was stolen..
    04-05-2017 09:58 PM
  22. xeminor96x's Avatar
    This is where i draw the line with Microsoft, and windows users alike. The constant sugar coating of one of the most crucial topics involving the OS, "apps" Between the lackadaisical attitude many windows phone users take to the app market, and the constant sugar coating of how it isn't that hard to find alternatives, you would never think its an issue. But it is, to the general consumer. Not the business man who is completely satisfied as long as he has Excel, or the 40+ individual who was just recently coaxed into trading in his flip phone for a "smart phone" because his flip phone wouldn't take pictures. In short some loyal windows users keep implying that they're completely satisfied with the bare minimum; while I'd say an equal amount of Users, and a much more vast group of people who would really want to make the switch are screaming at the top of their lungs that we need apps. And clearly Microsoft has chose to listen only to the earlier group, thus they don't have to exert any extra effort. It's clearly a problem to a large majority, stop sugar coating it.
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    04-06-2017 12:28 AM
  23. Tejasvi Bhat's Avatar
    I think I am going to finally make the shift because of lack of good phones and now mainly due to the apps. I had kept saying that the apps that I need are here even though lot of apps that I would like to have are not. I still love using the OS and don't have many complaints with it. Some irritation resuming in my low end 640xl but that's not a big issue for me. I am really going to hate using the Android OS but my situation has changed with regards to the apps. I don't care about snapchat or the games though it would be great to finally play clash on clans on my phone instead of my laptop. But I need some work apps. I have an ecommerce business and I would love to have the Shopify app, Amazon seller app and a few more related to my website business. Similarly, bank apps in India are really bad on Windows. Paytm for those who know it doesn't work properly on windows (Not able to make money transfers. don't know if its an issue just for me). There are a lot more like this. I am sure I can survive without any of these like I have for last few years but it would just be so much easier with them (Whether that is worth changing to android is what I have to decide)!!
    04-06-2017 12:29 AM
  24. Zednajz's Avatar
    The lack of apps is the only problem holding me back from using the Windows mobile phones. Otherwise it is a lovely system..
    04-06-2017 12:30 AM
  25. robwards's Avatar
    The app gap has never bothered me. What does bother me is the total lack of enthusiasm Microsoft shows for the platform, it feels like they just want windows mobile to fade away quietly.
    Last edited by robwards; 04-06-2017 at 03:36 AM.
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    04-06-2017 02:54 AM
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