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    I'm having some problems with my soon 3 year old 930.
    6 months ago, I decided to finally ditch the platform after 5 years of usage, and put it in my drawer for good. I did occasionally take it out to charge, update the OS and all the apps, to keep the device healthy.

    Yesterday I wanted to dig it out, and maybe give it another shot. But I'm having some problems. Firstly, the boot times are stupid long, minutes, and thats how it's been since I upgraded to WM10 in late 2015, but it's never been this bad. Note I have never reset the device. Also, the apps I haven't used recently takes forever to load, and the worst is the WP8 apps won't load at all, and there are still multiple apps from that OS i need. I've left the device for 10 minutes to load with the screen on, and still nothing. So what do I do? Should I simply reset the device, and would it be ok to restore from a backup, or are there other solutions?

    05-02-2017 03:49 PM

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