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    I just wanted to share incase this is interesting to anyone. I purchased the following monitor and have a mount in my car. My 950XL has a mount as well. The requirement for the touch to work is one USB connection for dedicated power to monitor and one for touch. I use the MS continuum hub and a extra USB from my power converter. The touch connector needs to be plugged in after the monitor is powered on. The Sygic Software is butter smooth. It was reviewed by Dan a long time ago. Tried to use MS maps but GPS was anything but smooth. I like a bigger screen than a phone.

    Here is the monitor.

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    Hey that sounds really neat! So the touch screen works seamlessly with Continuum?
    05-03-2017 08:55 PM
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    Yes, it works fine with 950XL and MS HD 500 display dock. Took me a little to realize you have to replug the usb to display dock after it powers up. When I first power it up the phone automatically recognizes the monitor but no touch. Leaving the power usb connector to the monitor connected unplug and replug the connector to the display dock and the touch device is detected. It may not be clear but the touch screen comes with a usb splitter for lack of better name. mini usb to display and normal usb to hub and one independent usb for power.
    The display dock cannot be used for both. I use the usb in my car power converter. The manufacturer of the display says on phone touch wont work and I believe that to be true for IOS or Android but my phone acts more like a typical Windows computer. Thank God.
    05-03-2017 09:43 PM

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