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    Just bought the logitech harmony elite remote. Ive always wanted one, but now that i have one, im disappointed. I had to use my gf's iPhone to set it up because they only have iphone/android app. It's very upsetting that Logitech, manufacturer of so many products that work with windows, doesn't have an app. So now, if i ever need to change or update the remote or simply want to use the hub, ill have to use my gf iphone. Im considering returning it, but she loves it, i stead of me having a remote for everything (which i love) . Any alternate apps that will work on the harmony system and my windows 10 mobile /surface pro 3?
    05-23-2017 12:24 PM
  2. Elvis7's Avatar
    Installed win32 app on sp3. Problem solved i guess. I shall be keeping it.
    05-23-2017 10:51 PM
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    As far as interfacing any device with any mobile device, the safe assumption is you're going to need an iThing or Droid. Pretty much nobody makes W10M apps, and the few that do will probably just let them die a slow death (think Insteon Hub).

    And for devices that have regular Windows apps, like the Elite, you can assume that they're probably reusing or repurposing a lot of existing code (Logitech's been in the remote biz for a while). So it's easier for them to just keep making Win32 apps that can leverage existing code.

    The reality is, there's not enough demand for UWP apps. I've been doing software design for decades (too many!), and I can tell you right now that, at least for the products I'm working on, there's *zero* demand from the customers for UWP. Win32 is #1 by a vast majority, followed by Mac (<1%), then iThing & Droid (probably neck & neck, but so small to be immeasurable). Zero people ask about W10M or UWP.

    I'm watching for sales on the Elite. I have a target price, and as soon as I can get it for below my target, I'll be getting one. I don't *need* one (I have two of the original Harmony One's before Logitech buggered them up with the "plus"), but they are pretty darn cool. :-)
    05-25-2017 07:05 AM
  4. Elvis7's Avatar
    It's 100$ off at bestbuy.

    Also, if you're like me and have a sound system and do not want have activities set ( Xbox turns on the tv anyway) . Go into your device settings(tv,Xbox,cable box) select fix command,go to the volume up/down , unassign them and go to teach, grab you sound system remote and teach the volume up/down from it... That way no matter device you select, you will control the volume of the system and not that device, ie tv,cable, etc .
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    05-25-2017 07:11 AM

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