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    I guess in one of the updates MS must have done something to the code.. when I double click on a "Deskcut" or a URL shortcut saved to my desktop I get just the HTML code or if it DOES happen to load I get something like this:

    file:///C:/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/Guidelines for Submitting Content for Sale at Hivewire 3D HiveWire 3D Community.url

    In all the years of saving deskcuts to my desktop I've never had this happen. I tried setting my default browser to Edge or Chrome and then back again to Firefox with the same issue, doesn't matter, they all give me this HTML view or opens with it pointing to my desktop and not the website it's supposed to be pointed too...

    I hope someone can tell me what to try to regain my deskcuts proper function

    10-10-2017 10:28 AM

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