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    This week I decided to use a lumia 640 and ditch my 540. I didn't have any strong reason to do so but the experience in switching was interesting

    My 540 was on W10M 14393.479 and wouldn't update any further - probably a glitch somewhere that could only have been solved with a phone reset.

    The 640 was a new phone, purchased from USA as an unlocked AT&T phone. When it was started there were quite a few apps from AT&T

    So the first thing I tried was downloading and running the upgrade assistant app - strangely enough it didn't work. It kept saying the phone isn't ready yet

    So I found another way to do it, there's a program that can allow you to download the update files using your pc and transfer them to the phone using a cable -much better method that using wifi - I've lost the link though

    Update process

    The update process took about 3-4 hours, it first updated to 10586 and then 14393.1066

    After updating I did a reset to get a clean install

    After signing in and restoring my backup, I just let it continue updating and installing apps

    Restore experience

    • Most settings were restored such as background wallpaper, colour scheme, screen layout
    • Text size and scaling did not restore so my tiles arrangement was messed up
    • Ringtone was restored surprisingly, I didn't expect that - and it sounds louder
    • Even alarms were restored
    • Messages weren't restoring until I opened the app and signed in - then they started slowly
    • Some of my apps installed and were signed in already when I opened them - example 6tag
    • My email accounts were set up but I had to enter the password for all of them to get them syncing
    • Contacts were restored perfectly - no issues seen so far
    • I still had to remove some apps that I don't need like money and travel apps
    • The country map was downloaded in the background

    Missing features

    1. I can't seem to find the cellular data setting for forcing it to use 4G or 3G - was it removed? I had it on the 540

    Things not working

    One reason why I wanted to use the 640 was to track my steps - I don't have a fitness tracker but I know using the 640 you can get the steps

    So I downloaded fitbit but it doesn't seem to count the steps live. I can check now and it says 3000 steps and after walking all over work it will still say 3000. But if I check in a couple of hours, it would have jumped to 5000. So there's some delay in counting steps

    Everything else seems okay, haven't copied the data back like photos or music
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    01-17-2018 07:13 AM
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    Fitbit works only if you have internet connectivity which is poor programming on their part: I'll post a fitbit review soon

    Surprisingly I got an OS update yesterday, got upgraded to 15063.279

    Then in the morning a second update came through, now my 640 is on 15063.850

    Rotation lock had an issue but a soft restart fixed that

    Data counter with the new OS update doesn't seem to work yet though I'll keep monitoring
    01-26-2018 12:36 AM
  3. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    Data counter still doesn't work - though if I hit my limit the message comes through

    I still can't restrict data to either 3G or 4G - the network chooses what it wants
    02-04-2018 11:25 PM

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