06-22-2018 05:57 PM
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  1. Byrese's Avatar
    I miss the smooth and unique UI, the camera button, and the just having something different.
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    03-14-2018 10:02 AM
  2. GlennEdwards's Avatar
    I've been on Windows Mobile since the launch of Windows Phone 7 back in Oct 2010. Back then I had a Samsung Omnia 7, after that a Lumia 800, then a 920, 930, and for the last couple of years the Lumia 950.

    My wife is the same, having started with an Omnia 7, then a 820, 920, and her current phone is a 950XL. We both love our phones (not literally), but we wouldn't use anything else.

    Windows 10 Mobile is the more intuitive OS, we have no app gap at all, having all the apps we need and use on a daily basic. I have over 250 apps / games on my phone, and am quite happy.

    I have many friends who have jumped ship to Android, but even they still say they miss Windows Mobile's UI, how it's more user friendly, more intuitive, and fits into the Microsoft ecosystem much better than either Android or iOS can.

    I, begrudgingly, bought an pretty decect, fast, Android 7.1 tablet purely to setup an alarm system, and I've tried to use Android on the tablet, and it often annoys the hell out of me. I find myself cursing and swearing at it for being so inconsistent in it's intuitiveness.

    Android is "ok", but not a patch on Windows Mobile for ease of use. I'm not talking about babysitting me to use the OS, as I'm a dev, and happy using advanced features. The problem is on Android app navigation isn't consistent between apps, and for some apps not even within the app itself. The Google Play store app, a pretty major app on the platform, is bloody annoying when you've drilled down a few levels, and simply want to get back to the home page of the app.

    I'm sorry but Windows Mobile is way better, just that the market never, and still can't see it. Yes Microsoft have messed up too, but that doesn't stop the OS from actually being better. Proven by the fact that both Android and iOS have actually stolen / borrowed numerous features from Windows Mobile over the years.

    For myself an my wife Windows Mobile fits in with our lives much more. I'm also a gamer, PC, Xbox, Switch etc, but to be able to have something like 100 Xbox Live enabled games on my phone, and to get Xbox achievements whilst on the go is something that Android / iOS do not have (bar Wordament, SnapAttach, and Castle Siege)

    So as per the thread topic, I've used Android albeit on a tablet, and within minutes I missed Windows Mobile (and Windows 10 in general), as Android just doesn't compare for me.

    I'm waiting out for Andromeda and whatever that brings..
    03-14-2018 10:03 AM
  3. Byrese's Avatar
    I bought a Pixel 2 XL at the beginning of February. Great phone, battery life pretty good. But a couple of days ago I took out my 950XL and popped the sim back in it "just to update the apps and OS". I'm still using it and the Pixel is in the drawer. Something about the 950XL (especially with the 9300mah Mugen Power battery) just feels right. Love Cortana, Outlook on W10M, the OS itself, the camera. I tried to Microsoft-ify my Pixel, but it just doesn't work for me. Microsoft Launcher doesn't work well, Cortana doesn't work as well. I tried Launcher 10 for the "live tile" look but it's just not the same.
    U still getting texts? I heard on here some where MS cut support for that.
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    03-14-2018 10:03 AM
  4. Byrese's Avatar
    You could always find a way to keep using it... I still use my 650 for work and as a reason [excuse] to use W10M. You could use it as a USB, a camera, photo frame, etc...

    No need to say goodbye if you don't want to.
    This is tempting me to go and get a 650 just to keep for fun! Lol. Inhuess there are crazier ideas.
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    03-14-2018 10:04 AM
  5. Richard Willetts1's Avatar
    Well I was rabidly clinging to my Lumia 650 until the sluggishness just weighed me down too much, the MS authored Facebook apps took an eternity to load, it was painful, they took away all of the hub integration that made WP8.1 so great resulting in an OS which wasn't what it once was. I finally made the switch to Android and after a couple of phones I finally found my groove with the Moto G5 Plus (and now the Z2 Play), I use Microsoft Launcher and all the other Microsoft apps and everything feels integrated perfectly.

    It is so smooth and snappy compared to where WM10 had ended up and with no true "upper mid" range device from MS I was stuck with the 650 anyway since the 950 was out of my price range so I was never going to experience better performance out of a Windows phone.

    I actually broke my G5 Plus and had to go back to the 650 for a month or so and it was simply torture, things that used to work had stopped working since apps had become unsupported or removed and it had simply become a horrible place to be.

    It could've been wonderful but MS let me down AGAIN and now I am forced to be an Android user since I don't see them jumping ahead anytime soon and I can't bring myself to take another step backwards.
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    03-14-2018 10:07 AM
  6. gzerokai's Avatar
    Sure I do miss the windows 10 mobile start screen, but since BLU basically left us in the cold when it came to updates and the lack of the apps I needed in the windows ecosystem made me go back to android. The final nail in the coffin was when MS abandoned the platform. I now own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a daily driver and my Galaxy S5 as back up, both are old phones but they're powerhouses IMO even though I'm running Android 6.0.1. I'm saddened by the fact that MS gave up without putting up a serious fight, Google fought an uphill battle against Apple's iPhone. I remember in 2008 when I had the HTC G1, iPhone users would laugh saying that android would never be as good as iOS. Fast forward to 2018 ... Android has come a long way from those days and its still improving in each iteration. Oh well I've rambled on too much just wanted to share my experience.
    03-14-2018 10:09 AM
  7. bjorndori's Avatar
    After using Android for 7 months I've returned to Windows Mobile 10 because most of the things I need are done better there thanks to a far superior GUI. My Galaxy S7 is basically just a Snapchat device these days. I have high hopes in Andromeda because if not I will try to avoid using smartphones as much as I can...
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    03-14-2018 10:09 AM
  8. Robin Verdegaal's Avatar
    So nearly 3 months into using an Android phone. It's a OnePlus5T. Great phone. Ok'ish operating system.
    I've switched to LG V30+ after my 950XL's glass broke. Have not touched it in four months, all the while growing more and more frustrated with Android. I have blamed myself for the trouble, at first, but I'm changing my mind. This is not a learning curve issue, this is a design and usability issue.

    I miss oversight. I'm lost in notifications. Sometimes I don't get any, sometimes twice, sometimes my phone buzzes but there are no notifications to be found. Icon update counts are almost always off and I have a renewed, deepened respect for the concept of Live Tiles.

    I get repetitive strain injury just by looking at my phone. Not metaphorically, physically. Everything takes approximately twice the number of taps or swipes as I was used to. UI elements are too small to comfortably use. Design and interaction are different between home screen, apps and notifications. Primary app choices are not remembered and voice control refuses to use my preferred apps - when I'm on the road only, no problems when I'm at home and don't have to rely on voice control. If I want to make a photo it takes four times longer than I was used to. It's all so mediocre.

    I have used iOS. It's better than Android in its graphic presentation and physical usability, but it's worse in contextual usability. Seriously, iOS would be useless without google 'iOS how do I...'.

    The last couple of weeks I have been thinking of switching back. I'm not happy.
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    03-14-2018 10:12 AM
  9. ShannyMan's Avatar
    I use Android now. I miss being able to act on notifications and reply to texts above the lock screen. I also miss the integration with my PCs and Cortana. It's getting better but it'll never be the same as Windows 10 Mobile.
    03-14-2018 10:25 AM
  10. seasidepb's Avatar
    I've switched from MS Launcher (which is pretty good in itself) to Launcher 10, because it reminds me every day of how good the W10 UI was. Like others I see Outlook for Android as a poor substitute for the W10 mail, calendar and people apps, but in a couple of critical respects the app gap was real for me - above all in NFC payment capability. Perhaps MS could have come to some agreement with Google to carry it on their phones, but Google never seemed keen to play. I have no real love for Android - it's better than iOS if you're not in the Apple universe, but right now we have little choice and that probably ain't gonna change... I just wish MS would do something more with their Android apps.
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    03-14-2018 10:32 AM
  11. mrpcpro's Avatar
    I went to IOS, Android, Lumia 950 xl, and now back to my Lumia 1520. The most beautiful feeling phone ever made. I have my 950 XL sitting on the table, and it might go up for sale. I takes slightly better pictures in the dark then my 1520. And front camera is 100x better on the 950 xl. But I like the size of the 1520 for everything I do.
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    03-14-2018 10:43 AM
  12. asoyemi's Avatar
    Interestingly I did not miss anything... Maybe that is because I never left my Lumia 950XL
    When and If I do (In my dreams), will make sure y'all are first to know
    03-14-2018 10:47 AM
  13. mrpcpro's Avatar
    interestingly i did not miss anything... Maybe that is because i never left my lumia 950xl
    when and if i do (in my dreams), will make sure y'all are first to know
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    03-14-2018 10:49 AM
  14. Jcmg62's Avatar
    The thing I really miss is Continuum. I was all in on that feature and ran it as my primary workstation for 2 years. I take a tonne of notes in my job and my Surface Pro 4 became a glorified notepad. My Lumia 950 was my go to, permanent workstation.

    I get a lot of non-tech people won't believe this, but honestly I ran my business from my phone docked to a cheap monitor and a wireless keyboard/mouse.

    I watched that Brian guy with the fedora use continuum on stage at the 950 launch and was like "yup, I'm all in on that!" It was bleeding edge beyond the scalpel.

    The only time I had to turn to my surface was to print PDF docs. For whatever reason I could not get Continuum to print a PDF.

    Sadly, Continuum was one of the first features that MS started to leave behind. A few months into launch and MS were really pushing improvements and new feature updates, but within a year they just stopped.

    I guess by then they were well into the "Andromeda/Arm/Full-Windows-In-Your-Pocket" development cycle and decided to pull the plug.

    Honestly, if that Andromeda device lands without Continuum it'll be a wasted opportunity.
    03-14-2018 11:00 AM
  15. Gregory Sauter's Avatar
    U still getting texts? I heard on here some where MS cut support for that.
    Texts still work fine on 950XL through either Messaging app or Skype.
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    03-14-2018 11:08 AM
  16. StariKletar's Avatar
    I don't miss it all. I'm still using it. I used Android a while ago as a work phone but rather went and bought my self lumia 950 dual sim instead. Android just sucked...
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    03-14-2018 11:13 AM
  17. Byrese's Avatar
    Texts still work fine on 950XL through either Messaging app or Skype.
    I wish Skype integration worked on Android. MS really messed Skype up. Could have been SO good!
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    03-14-2018 11:24 AM
  18. Scienceguy Labs's Avatar
    I really like Android, but I do miss W10M. It was such a unique OS. I have my X3 on everyday as a tablet like device, but, for me, Android functionality just can't be beaten. I hope the Andromeda/not phone/foldable whatever MS is working on keeps some of what made W10M unique.
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    03-14-2018 11:28 AM
  19. mkenyon2's Avatar
    I've got a Samsung S8, it's an okay phone... but not as responsive as my 950 was. More apps, but the UI isn't as smooth. I've got the MS Launcher, and that helps, but it doesn't integrate well with my outlook.com account.
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    03-14-2018 11:29 AM
  20. kbagrows's Avatar
    Well, I guess I'm in the minority. No. Especially after MS pulled the plug on Groove Music Pass..... still pissed about that.

    I've totally MS'd up my LG V20 - MS Launcher, OneDrive is backing up my photos, etc. Guess I'm lucky - have not had any integration issues, no issues with notifications, etc. And, I can't believe how much better pretty much every app is on Android.

    Only thing I do miss is the camera on my 950XL - it was truly amazing! But overall, I've been very pleasantly surprised at how much I like Android. Hate to say it, but it's true.
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    03-14-2018 11:45 AM
  21. tsax6010's Avatar
    Can't miss what I never gave up...

    I have zero reasons to stop using my 950XL. Wife still uses her 950 too.
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    03-14-2018 11:47 AM
  22. Montpbm's Avatar
    So nearly 3 months into using an Android phone. It's a OnePlus5T. Great phone. Ok'ish operating system.

    Just pulled my Lumia 950 out of the cupboard and fired it up for old times sake.

    I really miss that OS. How it synced so perfectly with outlook, contacts, calendar, Cortana, office. Between my Surface devices and lumia phone eveything just worked seamlessely. It was a perfect harmony.

    I should stop taking it out and switching it on. I should just send it off to be recycled. It makes me too sad when I power it up :(
    03-14-2018 11:52 AM
  23. Montpbm's Avatar
    I miss it so much everyday.. Android is ok, but like you said WP synced so perfectly with everything and was smoother than Android. I get upset at the lag that still plague Android . I really want Microsoft to continue doing WP but be better at supporting, advertising it etc.. WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF ANOTHER OS & MICROSOFT HAD IT, BUT LET IT GO. WHY MICROSOFT?!
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    03-14-2018 11:53 AM
  24. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    I miss it so much everyday.. Android is ok, but like you said WP synced so perfectly with everything and was smoother than Android. I get upset at the lag that still plague Android . I really want Microsoft to continue doing WP but be better at supporting, advertising it etc.. WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF ANOTHER OS & MICROSOFT HAD IT, BUT LET IT GO. WHY MICROSOFT?!
    Because it was losing too much cash supporting the platform?
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    03-14-2018 11:59 AM
  25. Podster16's Avatar
    miss the live tiles, read and reply to text over Bluetooth, fast scurity updates.

    but really happy now I have apps
    03-14-2018 12:00 PM
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