06-22-2018 06:57 PM
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  1. Mohamed Fadel El Abadila's Avatar
    Yesterday i was at a shop to buy a phone, and they had a used Lumia 950 XL for about 250€! I really wanted it but for a used phone it was too much, i went and bought the Nokia 6 (from last year), i came to love Android (only pure Android) my phone is on Oreo, they said the 430 Snapdragon shipset is slow, but for me it's fine, I don't do gaming on phones anymore, anyways I've learned to love iOS and Android for what they give, and i guess during the wait for the Andromeda device to come, windows for me will be just on Laptops!
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    03-14-2018 04:59 PM
  2. horbeme's Avatar
    i truly miss my windows phone, the simplicity of it cant be beat. truly missing my live tiles and when it comes to text messaging, missing my predictive text and having Cortana read to me my messages when i have headphones on or Bluetooth enabled.having everything windows in the palm of my hand with features Google and Apple don't have. i have a Galaxy S7E for a year now and i like it but its no Windows phones, i am about to upgrade to the Galaxy 9 unless MS can show me something else and soon. Please Windows Phone come back!!!!!
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    03-14-2018 05:08 PM
  3. DrWMJ's Avatar
    My wife still uses my Lumia Icon as a music player for her vocal music students. I do like my Pixel 2xl, however.
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    03-14-2018 05:11 PM
  4. arjan wolthuis's Avatar
    yes i miss windows 10 mobile too. missed potential

    but i installed a launcher in android to preserve some of that windows 10 look. So I am happy now
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    03-14-2018 05:12 PM
  5. Orlando Grillo's Avatar
    As much as we love the platform, Microsoft aren't giving us any options other than to leave. The OS is dead. The few developers that supported W10M are leaving and even UWP apps won't continue to work forever. I think MS are trying to completely kill the platform before Andromeda lands.

    Sad stuff :( it really was the best OS. Such a pity devs didn't see the potential.

    Android is ok. It gets the job done. But it doesn't feel as intuitive and certainly feels a lot less secure
    Totally agree. Android is ok but not intuitive, with a messy language and layout. Management of accounts and contacts is a mess. Widgets are 99% of the time ugly as hell. Notifications are itritating (android shows notifications for everything and you loose the important ones if you don't spend a lot of time disabling non important notifications). System updates are almost non existent. I am using an LG V20 since my Lumia 930 started to have battery and freezing problems and a cracked screen for the third time. I receveid just one system update since I bought this phone but there is no signal of Android Oreo. And this is a flagship device!. I read some coments here saying that Windows Mobile is receiving security updates monthly. And I say: wow! The system is "dead", with few users, but it is still receiving far more updates than this crappy Android that everybody uses!
    The best thing about Android is that apps are constantly updated. I think app developers do a much better job than Google in supporting Android. Even so, a lot of the apps in the Play Store are totally crap.
    03-14-2018 06:04 PM
  6. tgp's Avatar
    - it just plain simple works flawlessly. Can you imagine I haven't had not a single mobile crash / sudden shutdowns? No application even crashed on me during last 3 months! I was surprised! Even more, there is no notification i missed, no missed email, no internet browser chrashes or sluggishness, I never missed a moment for a perfect photo and all this packed with a battery that just lasts and lasts. :)
    It seems like you thought this was normal.
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    03-14-2018 06:22 PM
  7. Anthony van Niekerk's Avatar
    miss the Cortana integration the most, from inside my car. Nothing on Android comes close, and Android Auto keeps saying "I can't do that yet".

    Miss the Live tiles, the customization of the front end, and the great camera software for my Lumia.
    I went through a lot getting my Australian 930 to use cortana back in the day. But she was pretty smart, contextual, would play my music from my apps. She was years ahead of Siri. I could pretty much use my phone without touching it. With Bixby and Google assistant I still need to touch my phone to correct shortcomings of the assistants.

    I'm on Galaxy S8 now because I wanted to try Dex (what a waste of time!). I like the apps, but I don't need dozens of apps. Just the 5 basic pillars of a good phone. Performance, Display, Battery, Camera and build quality.
    03-14-2018 06:23 PM
  8. Sekyal's Avatar
    I've been pretty satisfied with my LG Stylo 3. I immediately turned to Launcher 10 and I have been able to replicate Windows Phone 10 pretty satisfactorily. I haven't tried the live tiles option (it does cost a bit) in the app, but since I can insert widgets into the "start menu", those suffice for the few apps I would want a live tile. It isn't that difficult to open apps or switch between them as needed. I also like Launcher 10 because I can create grouped apps that work nearly exactly like Windows Phone 10.
    If I didn't use this app, I may have been pretty frustrated with the Android eco-system as I think the default launcher is crap.
    Oh and the LG also has double tap to wake which I don't believe all Android phones have. The camera though is a tad crappy at 13 megapixels.
    03-14-2018 06:34 PM
  9. Stephen Townsley's Avatar
    Well, I sold my 950 and 930 on eBay. The end of my Windowsphones. I have been using an LG G6 for a while. It was probably last years' least recognised Android flagship phones.

    I miss the clean interface of Windows 10 Mobile. All the major bugs were finally fixed. For most of the time it felt a beta test with apps that died, a camera that froze etc. Gradually it got there.

    I feel let down by Microsoft. Half-arsed, half-done, and even lied to about supporting the platform even when they were abandoning it. If Windowsphone had continued I wouldn't choose to use Android.
    03-14-2018 06:51 PM
  10. Hawkwind2005's Avatar
    I took the sim out of my Lenovo P2 tonight and slipped it back in my 930 - what an awesome phone! You were lucky to find an unused one!! Enjoy :-)
    03-14-2018 06:53 PM
  11. naddy6969's Avatar
    No, I don't miss Win 10 mobile. Nor do I miss Android after switching to iPhones and iPads. Both are just bad memories now.

    This is like "missing" old washing machines and TVs. I have better things to think about.
    03-14-2018 07:44 PM
  12. Enrico 117's Avatar
    My android phone got stolen and I bought a lumia 640XL not too long ago, that's how much I missed it. To be honest tho, I prefer Windows Phone 8, I tryed my Lumia 520 and, even tho there aren't as many features, it's far less buggy and way faster in opening many apps.
    03-14-2018 08:11 PM
  13. Garry Terry's Avatar
    I loved W10M and still do. Perhaps Microsoft will offer a better "device"....but I doubt it. Any company that would kill perfectly great products will trip us up again. "New category of device" rhetoric sounds great. But we still need a phone. I can't imagine holding a tablet up to my ear to talk on it. Maybe a watch or a pen will take calls.
    What better way to sell more Office software than to have a great mobile ecosystem. Satya doesn't think the world needs a third OS? Wait until one of the other ones get hacked. I like W10M because it is not open source. Store apps are tricky enough. It's only a matter of time before something happens & puts a lot of people's data at risk. It's also a matter of time before lawsuits start flying because some tech giants are more concerned about making $ than having great products and secure mobile operating systems.
    But, what do I miss about Windows 10 Mobile?
    Really cool devices that worked well with all of MS software & apps in a secure environment.
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    03-14-2018 08:42 PM
  14. vEEP pEEP's Avatar
    I just started with windows 10 mobile. Alcatel idol 4s. Love it. Has every app I need. I will be using it for at least next six months, maybe longer.
    Solid phone!!!!
    03-14-2018 09:03 PM
  15. vEEP pEEP's Avatar
    Did it cost a lot of money to maintain W10m for MS?

    I wonder if MS is going to regret walking away from mobile....
    03-14-2018 09:06 PM
  16. jlangner's Avatar
    I missed first 6 months or so but after 1.5 years really love the phones. Using Note 8 now. Great phone. Love being able to find any app I want, when I want.
    03-14-2018 09:11 PM
  17. WhyFiNYC's Avatar
    The thing I miss is having Cortana auto-prompt to read incoming texts. Why can't Google figure this out?
    03-14-2018 09:13 PM
  18. krafty11's Avatar
    I use a Lumia 950XL now for work and a 950 for personal, but I'm switching over to a Galaxy 9+ Friday for home, and will start using that phone for both home and work in a month or so after I socialize the new work number. I can't emphasize strongly enough how I'm not looking forward to any of that :). I've been through countless Windows devices, I think the first may have been an Audioxox SMT5600, (but there may have even been a Moto flip phone before that) and I'm going to miss the whole MS ecosystem, just can't get by with some of the app gap anymore. I bought a cheap Kindle Fire that I side loaded Android onto to use apps like Nutribullet Balance, Honeywell Thermostat, MyFitnessPal, Wyze etc. etc., but the deal breaker is there is no way this year to stream Cubs games while I'm out getting my steps in, so I bailed.
    03-14-2018 09:50 PM
  19. abrichman's Avatar
    It's funny, I had been more and more quietly troubled by how my (since release day) dual-sim 950 XL was rebooting for no reason and more and more often. Then in some random fits of clutziness, I dropped it twice on tile floor from about ear level. Happened about 30 minutes apart. Each time I was absolutely sure the thing was destroyed but each time it must have just pancaked as there was zero damage ... externally. After that, the screen started flickering, going into weird green bars during charging, reboots were in high frequency, and the speaker mesh at the top was red hot most of the time. The phone - to me - had always seemed to run warm but it had now shifted broadly into ridiculous mode.

    Cut to me spending days trying to decide on which Android phone I was going to spend a mortgage payment on and I just could.not.pull.the.trigger. Ended up rationalizing that buying the best (highest positive vote count) rated (Ebay) seller's refurb 950 XL for approx. $375 was a better "value" to me than $800-950 for a Samsixel XL9S. Day 1 with my refurbished single SIM 950 XL was find mechanically but worrisome app-wise. Alas I had forgotten to check App Updates. Once I did run those day 2, all 37 of them, this dagone thing has been better than my original 950 XL by a good bit. Doesn't get warm, outpaces my (work) iPhone 6S battery life for battery life (and the iPhone has the advantage of WiFi at work). I just got a new lease on life with this thing and I never realized the stuff I was seeing w/ my old one wasn't OS related. That says how much I must like the Windows Mobile platform that my now-retired and apparently always wonky 950 XL was preferred over a perfectly functioning 6S and my prior experience with Android.

    So in short, I foremissed my 950 XL so much that I basically thought a replacement of a 2.5 year old phone for 40% of the price of a new Pixung 9SXL was well worth it.
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    03-14-2018 10:12 PM
  20. harshil shah23's Avatar
    I also miss my Lumia 730. What a great phone was that. Great camera with acceptable battery life. ohh and not to mention live tiles. i miss it badly. Had someone not stolen my l730 , i wouldn't switch to Android. Currently using redmi note 4.
    03-14-2018 10:14 PM
  21. abhinavsaprey's Avatar
    Yeah same. I miss my Lumia 730, its OLED display and the tiles interface so much. My mother is still using it and it fulfills her needs. Everytime I look at it, I just want to switch to it again.

    Android looks good too sometimes, but somedays, I just want to puke due to the interface and how it just stays there doing nothing. While live tiles, well made the phone look alive and talking to me. Oh damn MS! Should've supported the platform! 😞
    03-14-2018 10:29 PM
  22. MediaCastleX's Avatar
    Yes Dammit YEEEEES *SOB*
    03-14-2018 10:38 PM
  23. Phil Norris1's Avatar
    I really miss how simple my 950 was. It might not have had every app under the sun, but the apps it did have were top-notch. My Galaxy S8 is okay, but I'd rather have the 950.
    03-14-2018 10:45 PM
  24. Jeevan Pulluru's Avatar
    Still Have My Lumia 640XL in my bag. Kept my Secondary sim in that. There are 3 things i miss after switching to Android, Live tiles, Fluidity & Consistency of UI between all the apps.
    03-14-2018 11:48 PM
  25. Sick Freak's Avatar
    I haven't switched yet, but have helped several others downgrade to Android. Other than the learning curve and missing the live tiles (a real Microsoft Launcher should do this on Android,) the #1 complaint I hear is that although there's officially an Outlook for Android, it doesn't sync everything like it does on Windows Phones. Why would Microsoft make such an incomplete product?
    03-14-2018 11:49 PM
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