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    I just invested in a Lumia 950 for its camera capabilities and am not using it for a phone. It was nice to open the homescreen as I had a lumia 928 a few years ago and loved 8.1. It was such a smooth and attractive interface, at least on the front end. However, I’m noticing some issues in regards to photo and video access on the 950.

    Let me start from the top to see if anything might be off-kilter. I received the phone in the mail yesterday. Once the initial setup was complete I found that a March 2018 update was available for the OS, so I updated right away. This is when I began to install apps. I put Proshot on the device and was pleased to find that it is almost as fully featured as its android counterpart. Regrettably it’s missing video timelapse. I thought to myself at that point, “Hey, maybe I can use Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app or a video editor to stitch photos together from Proshot’s timelapse mode.” I installed Hyperlapse and Animotica. This is when a major problem emerged. While the apps work, when it comes to finding photo and video files, they can see the folder structure and even the thumbnail image on folders, but they can’t find the files themselves.

    These apps do look for the files using the default Microsoft Photos app. I thought that perhaps the photos app needed to be updated, and there was an update available, so I updated it. These apps could still not find the photos. I then went directly into the photos app, and everything was viewable. The default Microsoft Camera app also was able to view the files. Is there some sort of bug that is preventing these apps from finding the photo and video files? I even tried shooting videos and snapping photos at different resolutions in different formats, and the issue persists.

    I’d really like to be able to see timelapse results or do some basic editing/experimenting without having to immediately have a pc on hand. I contacted Microsoft phone support. It’s now outsourced to another company, and they were not able to help.
    03-16-2018 09:59 AM

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